Commit 01ad61f0 authored by David Kågedal's avatar David Kågedal
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(lyskom-next-apo-timeout): Gjorde om till en defun.

(lyskom-reset-apo-timeout): Dito.
(lyskom-accept-process-output): Dito.
parent f6757d8c
......@@ -181,18 +181,18 @@ Returns t if the feature is loaded or can be loaded, and nil otherwise."
(defconst lyskom-apo-timeout-vector-max (1- (length lyskom-apo-timeout-vector))
"Maximum index in lyskom-apo-timeout-vector")
(defsubst lyskom-next-apo-timeout ()
(defun lyskom-next-apo-timeout ()
(if (< lyskom-apo-timeout-index lyskom-apo-timeout-vector-max)
(setq lyskom-apo-timeout
(aref lyskom-apo-timeout-vector
(setq lyskom-apo-timeout-index
(1+ lyskom-apo-timeout-index))))))
(defsubst lyskom-reset-apo-timeout ()
(defun lyskom-reset-apo-timeout ()
(setq lyskom-apo-timeout-index -1)
(setq lyskom-apo-timeout 0))
(defsubst lyskom-accept-process-output ()
(defun lyskom-accept-process-output ()
"Call accept-process-output with the correct timeout values."
(accept-process-output nil 0 lyskom-apo-timeout))
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