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parent 79cc13eb
Wed Jul 9 11:55:47 1997 David Byers <>
* utilities.el (lyskom-default-collate-table): Rttat strngen som
ngon hade frstrt.
* compatibility.el (char-to-int): Nu kompatibilitetssubst.
* utilities.el (lyskom-unicase-char): Anvnd char-to-int.
* (kom-dont-read-saved-variables): Ny variabel.
* flags.el (lyskom-maybe-set-var-from-string): Ny funktion.
* (lyskom-change-conf-hook): Ny variabel.
* commands1.el (lyskom-go-to-empty-conf): Kr den.
(lyskom-sub-member): Kr den.
* lyskom-rest.el (lyskom-enter-conf): Kr den.
* startup.el (kom-start-anew): Kr den.
* prioritize.el (kom-prioritize-set-priority): Fixade en bug.
Mon Jul 7 17:25:46 1997 David Byers <>
* Makefile: Rensade snt som inte fungerade, gjorde lite mer lik
......@@ -498,6 +498,8 @@ of the person."
(set-read-list-empty lyskom-reading-list)
(lyskom-run-hook-with-args 'lyskom-change-conf-hook
lyskom-current-conf 0)
(setq lyskom-current-conf 0)))
(read-list-delete-read-info (conf-stat->conf-no conf)
......@@ -1055,7 +1057,7 @@ member of."
(lyskom-format-insert 'go-to-conf
;; DEBUG+++
(let ((lyskom-inhibit-prefetch t))
......@@ -1127,12 +1129,39 @@ Args: CONF-STAT MEMBERSHIP"
(defun lyskom-go-to-empty-conf (conf-stat)
"Go to a conference with no unseen messages. Args: CONF-STAT."
(blocking-do 'pepsi (conf-stat->conf-no conf-stat))
(lyskom-run-hook-with-args 'lyskom-change-conf-hook
(conf-stat->conf-no conf-stat))
(setq lyskom-current-conf (conf-stat->conf-no conf-stat))
(lyskom-format-insert 'conf-all-read
;;(def-kom-var kom-iåm-conf-no 6
;; "*Conf-no of IÅM."
;;(defun kom-change-to-iåm-hook (old new)
;; (cond ((eq new kom-iåm-conf-no)
;; (make-local-variable kom-iåm-saved-variables)
;; (setq kom-iåm-saved-variables
;; (list kom-check-commented-author-membership
;; kom-check-for-new-comments
;; kom-confirm-multiple-recipients))
;; (setq kom-check-commented-author-membership nil
;; kom-check-for-new-comments nil
;; kom-confirm-multiple-recipients nil))
;; (t (when kom-iåm-saved-variables
;; (setq kom-check-commented-author-membership
;; (elt kom-iåm-saved-variables 0)
;; kom-check-for-new-comments
;; (elt kom-iåm-saved-variables 1)
;; kom-confirm-multiple-recipients
;; (elt kom-iåm-saved-variables 2))))))
(defun lyskom-get-current-priority ()
"Return the current priority level."
(or (read-info->priority (read-list->first
......@@ -209,6 +209,11 @@ of the lyskom-provide-* functions instead."
(lyskom-provide-function map-extents (&rest args))
;;; ============================================================
;;; Character stuff
(lyskom-provide-subst char-to-int (c) c)
;;; ======================================================================
;;; Event stuff
......@@ -490,6 +490,7 @@ text is a member of some recipient of this text."
(set-collector->value collector nil)
(if (and (lyskom-default-value 'kom-confirm-multiple-recipients)
(not (eq (lyskom-default-value 'kom-confirm-multiple-recipients)
......@@ -351,7 +351,7 @@ If successful then set the buffer not-modified. Else print a warning."
(setq name (concat "UNK-" gname))
(setq lyskom-global-non-boolean-variables
(cons name lyskom-global-non-boolean-variables))))
(lyskom-set-var-from-string name value))))
(lyskom-maybe-set-var-from-string name value))))
;; Note that elisp-no may be nil here, so the comparison
;; cannot be performed with '=.
((equal r elisp-no)
......@@ -360,7 +360,7 @@ If successful then set the buffer not-modified. Else print a warning."
(while (> (length lyskom-options-text) 2)
(setq name (lyskom-read-options-eval-get-holerith))
(setq value (lyskom-read-options-eval-get-holerith))
(lyskom-set-var-from-string name value))))
(lyskom-maybe-set-var-from-string name value))))
(let ((pos lyskom-other-clients-user-areas))
(while (and pos
......@@ -394,6 +394,13 @@ If successful then set the buffer not-modified. Else print a warning."
(+ start len)))
(defun lyskom-maybe-set-var-from-string (var string)
"This is a wrapper around lyskom-set-var-from-string that does nothing
if the variable is in kom-dont-read-saved-variables."
(cond ((eq kom-dont-read-saved-variables t) nil)
((memq (intern var) kom-dont-read-saved-variables) nil)
(t (lyskom-set-var-from-string var string))))
(defun lyskom-set-var-from-string (var string)
"This is a wrapper aroud read-from-string.
It returns nil, and writes a message when an error occurs."
......@@ -474,6 +474,9 @@ reading list then the conf is inserted last in the to do list."
Prints the name and amount of unread in the conference we just went to
according to the value of kom-print-number-of-unread-on-entrance.
(lyskom-run-hook-with-args 'lyskom-change-conf-hook
(conf-stat->conf-no conf-stat))
(initiate-pepsi 'main nil (conf-stat->conf-no conf-stat))
(setq lyskom-current-conf (conf-stat->conf-no conf-stat))
(let ((num-unread (text-list->length (read-info->text-list read-info))))
......@@ -540,7 +540,7 @@ the same as the entry above it, but to not move it."
(prioritize-entry->conf-stat entry))
(setq selected (or selected entry))
(setq selected (or selected (list entry)))
(while selected
(lyskom-prioritize-set-priority (car selected) priority)
(setq selected (cdr selected)))
......@@ -345,6 +345,9 @@ variable documentation for lyskom-server-feautres"
(lyskom-insert-string 'presentation-encouragement)))
(if (not lyskom-dont-read-user-area)
(lyskom-run-hook-with-args 'lyskom-change-conf-hook
(setq lyskom-current-conf 0)
;; (cache-initiate-who-info-buffer (blocking-do 'who-is-on))
No preview for this file type
......@@ -78,6 +78,11 @@ Dont change these. These are defined by the protocol.")
(mapcar 'make-local-variable lyskom-local-variables)
(mapcar 'make-local-hook lyskom-local-hooks))
(def-kom-var kom-dont-read-saved-variables nil
"*Non nil means don't read some variables from the server.
t means don't read any variables. A list means don't read variables that
are in the list.")
;;;;;; ================================================================
;;;;;; Emacs dependant variables
......@@ -296,6 +301,11 @@ signal suggess and nil to prevent the text from being sent.")
(def-kom-var lyskom-after-load-hook nil
"*Hook to run once after lyskom is loaded.")
(def-kom-var lyskom-change-conf-hook nil
"*Hook to run when changing conferences.
The functions in this list are run with two arguments. The first is the
current conf-no and the second is the conf-no being changed to.")
(def-kom-var lyskom-login-hook nil
"*What to do when logged in.
This hook is called after we have logged in but before and command is
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