Commit 0b8e153a authored by David Byers's avatar David Byers
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Fixade skrivfel i review.el

parent c2da9637
Wed Nov 12 09:03:26 1997 David Byers <dbyers@atp>
* review.el (lyskom-get-texts-to): Fixade skrivfel.
* distribution-README: Beskriv kompilering frn enstaka fil.
* lyskom-rest.el (lyskom-do-insert): Klara av att en
......@@ -556,8 +556,8 @@ Args: persno confno num &optional again pstart cstart"
(and (conf-type->rd_prot (conf-stat->conf-type confstat))
(null (map->text-nos
(blocking-do 'get-map
(conf-stat->conf-no conf)
(conf-stat->first-local-no conf)
(conf-stat->conf-no confstat)
(conf-stat->first-local-no confstat)
(not (eq persno confno)))
(lyskom-get-letters-to persno confno num again pstart))
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