Commit 0fac5270 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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(kom-tell-phrases): Fixed spelling error in docstring that tried to

	refer to lyskom-tell-phrases-validation-keyword-list.
parent ee2e9b20
......@@ -4600,7 +4600,7 @@ should be dynamically bound whenever it needs to be used.")
"**A list of phrases describing what the client is doing.
Each element in the list is a pair \(`KEY' . `PHRASE') where KEY is one
of the keywords in `lykom-tell-phrases-validation-keyword-list' and
of the keywords in `lyskom-tell-phrases-validation-keyword-list' and
`PHRASE' is the phrase to sent to the server then the client is doing
what `KEY' describes.
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