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Debian-related updates.

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......@@ -47,3 +47,6 @@ clean:
distclean: clean
( cd src; ${MAKE} distclean )
( cd src; $(MAKE) debian-package )
1999-11-19 Joel Rosdahl <>
* README.debian: New build instructions.
* ../Makefile: Build debian-package.
1999-11-19 David Byers <>
* lyskom-rest.el (lyskom-filter): Explicitly insert unibyte string
How to make a Debian package of the LysKOM elisp client
Suppose you have an archive with elisp-client sources called
lyskom-0.46.tar.gz in the directory /foo. Do something like this to
build the package:
Make a new changelog entry in
<elisp-client-module>/src/debian/changelog. Then run
% cd /foo
% tar xvzf lyskom-0.46.tar.gz
% mv lyskom-0.46 lyskom-elisp-client-0.46
% mv lyskom-0.46.tar.gz lyskom-elisp-client_0.46.orig.tar.gz
% cd lyskom-elisp-client-0.46
% cp -R <path to elisp-client CVS module>/src/debian .
make debian-package
Edit debian/changelog to make sure the first line contains the correct
version (0.46-1 in this case). Finally:
as root (or use fakeroot(1) or sudo(1) or ...).
% fakeroot debian/rules binary # or whatever
If all went well, lyskom-elisp-client* files have been created in
If all went well, ../lyskom-elisp-client_VERSION_all.deb has been
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