Commit 250f99da authored by David Kågedal's avatar David Kågedal
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No commit message

No commit message
parent 3e5e624d
Thu Oct 3 01:30:03 1996 David Kgedal <>
* lyskom-rest.el (lyskom-binsearch-internal): Tro inte att tv
element bara r ett.
* Rensade bort referenser till lyskom-last-conf-*.
* startup.el (lyskom-clear-vars): Gr lyskom-prefetch-in-action,
lyskom-prefetch-pending-prefetch och lyskom-prefetch-stack lokala.
* (lyskom-last-conf-fetched): Tog bort.
(lyskom-last-conf-received): Tog bort.
(lyskom-prefetch-limit): Flyttade frn prefetch.el.
* prefetch.el (lyskom-prefetch-map-size): Tog bort
(lyskom-prefetch-all-conf-texts): Kommenterade bort.
(lyskom-prefetch-conf-texts): Kommenterade bort.
Wed Oct 2 16:41:53 1996 David Kgedal <>
* startup.el (lyskom): Tm minibufferten.
......@@ -395,8 +395,6 @@ Returns t if it was possible, otherwise nil."
(if (= (conf-stat->conf-no pers-conf-stat)
(progn ; Adding myself
;;(setq lyskom-last-conf-received
;; (1+ lyskom-last-conf-received))
(blocking-do 'query-read-texts
......@@ -513,11 +511,6 @@ of the person."
(set-read-list-empty lyskom-reading-list)
(setq lyskom-current-conf 0)))
(if self
(-- lyskom-last-conf-fetched)
(-- lyskom-last-conf-received)
(-- lyskom-last-conf-done)))
(read-list-delete-read-info (conf-stat->conf-no conf)
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