Commit 2528183d authored by Linus Tolke's avatar Linus Tolke
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Fix in kom-edit-insert-text

parent 7b1c4775
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......@@ -359,7 +359,13 @@ Entry to this mode runs lyskom-edit-mode-hook."
(defun kom-edit-insert-text (no)
"Insert the text number NO with '>' first on each line"
(interactive (format "N%s" (lyskom-get-string 'which-text-include)))
(interactive (list
((null current-prefix-arg)
(format "%s" (lyskom-get-string 'which-text-include)))))
((prefix-numeric-value current-prefix-arg)))))
(let ((buffer (current-buffer)))
(set-buffer (process-buffer lyskom-proc))
(initiate-get-text 'edit 'lyskom-edit-insert-commented no buffer)
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