Commit 275e1c9d authored by Joel Rosdahl's avatar Joel Rosdahl
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Spelling tweak.

parent 09f05e19
......@@ -8,6 +8,8 @@
* english-strings.el, swedish-strings.el (lyskom-message): Added
personal-comment-to-anonymous string.
* swedish-strings.el (lyskom-message): Spelling tweak.
* commands1.el (lyskom-private-answer-soon-prev): Removed unused
......@@ -536,7 +536,7 @@ i svensk datorhistoria. L
(who-is-active-and-member . "Visar endast medlemmar i %#1M.\n")
(who-is-active-and-present . "Visar endast medlemmar nrvarande i %#1M.\n")
(personal-comment-to-anonymous . "Det gr inte att skriva ett personligt svar till ett anonymt inlgg.\n")
(personal-comment-to-anonymous . "Det gr inte att skriva ett personligt svar p ett anonymt inlgg.\n")
;; From commands2.el:
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