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;;;;; $Id$
;;;;; Copyright (C) 1996 Lysator Academic Computer Association.
;;;; This file is used for checking swedish-strings.el and
;;;; english-strings.el. Run using
;;;; emacs -batch -l check-strings.el -f lyskom-check-strings
(defvar swedish-strings)
(defvar swedish-missing-strings)
(defvar english-strings)
(defvar english-missing-strings)
(defvar swedish-commands)
(defvar swedish-missing-bindings)
(defvar english-commands)
(defvar english-missing-bindings)
(defvar swedish-bindings)
(defvar english-bindings)
(defvar keybindings nil)
(defvar keymaps nil)
(defun suppress-keymap (&rest args) nil)
(defmacro define-key (map key cmd)
(` (progn (setq keymaps (cons (quote (, map)) keymaps))
(x-define-key (, cmd)))))
(defun define-prefix-command (&rest args) nil)
(defun x-define-key (cmd)
(if (not (assq cmd keybindings))
(setq keybindings (cons (cons cmd nil) keybindings))))
(defun reset-keybindings ()
(setq keybindings nil)
(mapcar (function (lambda (x) (set x nil))) keymaps)
(setq keymaps nil))
(defun do-check (var &optional missing)
(do-check-strings (symbol-value (intern (concat "swedish-"
(symbol-name var))))
(symbol-value (intern (concat "english-"
(symbol-name var))))
(if missing
(concat "english-"
(symbol-name missing))))))
(do-check-strings (symbol-value (intern (concat "english-"
(symbol-name var))))
(symbol-value (intern (concat "swedish-"
(symbol-name var))))
(if missing
(symbol-value (intern
(concat "swedish-"
(symbol-name missing)))))))
(defun lyskom-check-strings ()
(load-file "vars.el")
(load-file "swedish-strings.el")
(setq swedish-strings lyskom-strings)
(setq swedish-missing-strings lyskom-missing-strings)
(setq swedish-commands lyskom-commands)
(setq swedish-bindings keybindings)
(setq swedish-missing-bindings lyskom-missing-bindings)
(makunbound 'lyskom-strings)
(makunbound 'lyskom-commands)
(makunbound 'lyskom-missing-bindings)
(makunbound 'lyskom-missing-strings)
(load-file "english-strings.el")
(setq english-strings lyskom-strings)
(setq english-missing-strings lyskom-missing-strings)
(setq english-commands lyskom-commands)
(setq english-bindings keybindings)
(setq english-missing-bindings lyskom-missing-bindings)
(message "Checking lyskom-strings")
(do-check 'strings 'missing-strings)
(message "Checking lyskom-commands")
(do-check 'commands)
(message "Checking keybindings")
(do-check 'bindings 'missing-bindings)
(defun do-check-strings (l1 n1 l2 n2 &optional ignores)
(while l1
(if (and (not (assq (car (car l1)) l2))
(not (memq (car (car l1)) ignores)))
(message "%-25S present in %s, but not in %s"
(car (car l1))
(setq l1 (cdr l1))))
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