Commit 27efe939 authored by David Byers's avatar David Byers
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Protect lyskom-update-all-prompts from being called recursively

parent d1f09996
1999-12-13 David Byers <>
* lyskom-rest.el (lyskom-recursive-prompt-update): New variable.
(lyskom-update-all-prompts): Set lyskom-recursive-prompt-update to
avoid endlessly recursing into this function (via lyskom-beep,
sit-for and the filter function.)
1999-12-10 David Byers <>
* commands1.el (kom-move-text): Supply better defaults for
......@@ -2302,13 +2302,16 @@ positions are counted from 0, as they are."
;;; To-do
(defvar lyskom-recursive-prompt-update nil)
(defun lyskom-update-all-prompts (&optional force-prompt-update)
"Update the prompts in all buffers"
(lyskom-traverse buffer lyskom-buffer-list
(set-buffer buffer)
(lyskom-update-prompt force-prompt-update))
(lyskom-set-default 'lyskom-need-prompt-update nil)))
(unless lyskom-recursive-prompt-update
(let ((lyskom-recursive-prompt-update t))
(lyskom-traverse buffer lyskom-buffer-list
(set-buffer buffer)
(lyskom-update-prompt force-prompt-update))
(lyskom-set-default 'lyskom-need-prompt-update nil)))))
(defun lyskom-update-prompt (&optional force-prompt-update)
"Print prompt if the client knows which command will be default.
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