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More work on bug 459.

Detailed changes:
> 	More work on bug 459:
> 	* (lyskom-default-conference-strategy): Documented this
> 	variable.
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2003-08-20 David Byers <>
More work on bug 459:
* (lyskom-default-conference-strategy): Documented this
Support saving most recent input:
* completing-read.el (lyskom-read-conf-saved-inputs): New
......@@ -364,7 +364,71 @@ the priority among links that match the same text is undefined."
"Strategy for the initial value for conference defaults.
The meaning and format of this variable will probably change in the future.")
Each element in this list identifies an Emacs och LysKOM command, and
defines the initial values for queries it makes for conference names.
Each element has the following format:
\(COMMAND . \(\(PROMPT-1 . \(\(default . \(INITIAL-VALUES\\)\\)
\(filter . \(EXCLUDED-CONFS\)\)
\(save . \(SAVE-GROUPS\)\)\)\)
\(PROMPT-2 . \(\(default . \(INITIAL-VALUES\)\)
\(filter . \(EXCLUDED-CONFS\)\)
\(save . \(SAVE-GROUPS\)\)\)\)
COMMAND is the name of a LysKOM or Emacs command. PROMPT-1 and
PROMPT-2 \(there can be any number of prompts liste in a single
command\) are symbols representing the prompt. These are defined
in lyskom-messages in swedish-strings.el and english-strings.el.
INITIAL-VALUES are functions to call to generate a list of possible
initial values for the prompt. These functions must return lists of
conference numbers. EXCLUDED-CONFS are functions that are called to
eliminate possible initial values. These must take a single argument,
an uconf-stat, and should return the uconf-stat itself if it is a
valid candidate for the initial value, or nil if it is not. Finally,
SAVE-GROUPS are symbols under which the value the user inputs will be
As a special case, a list in INITIAL-VALUES is interpreted as a
function with arguments. The first element in the list is applied to
the remaining elements.
If `t' is used for COMMAND, it indicates the default to use when no
COMMAND listed matches the current command. If `t' is used for PROMPT,
it indicates defaults, filters and save groups to use when no other
PROMPT matches.
Some useful functions for INITIAL-VALUES are:
lyskom-default-conference-at-point returns the conference shown where
point is. If point is on a conference name, that name will be used as
the initial value.
lyskom-default-conference-current returns the current conference.
lyskom-default-conference-self returns the logged-in person.
lyskom-default-conference-last-author returns the author of the most
recently read text.
lyskom-default-conference-saved returns saved input. This must be
specified as a list in INITAL-VALUES, where the argument (second
element of the list) is the symbol under which the input was saved,
from \(SAVE-GROUPS\) in one or more commands.
Some useful functions for EXCLUDE-CONFS are:
lyskom-default-conference-not-self excludes the logged-in person.
lyskom-default-conference-not-current excludes the current conference.
The format of this variable may change in the future.
(defconst kom-old-farts-text-prompt-strategy
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