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Fixed the bug where lyskom-insert was used instead of insert in the

parent a74ddf39
Wed Apr 15 10:32:41 1992 Inge Wallin (inge@robert)
* cache.el(lyskom-set-who-info-buffer-2): Use insert instead of
lyskom-insert in the who-buffer. Send 'insert to the call to
* commands1.el(lyskom-print-who-info): Take new optional parameter
INSERT-FUNCTION telling which function to use for text insertion
into the buffer. Use lyskom-insert as default.
Tue Mar 24 03:03:41 1992 Lars Willf|r (willfor@lysator)
* lyskom-rest.el: Har lagt in s} att den s{tter lyskom-last-viewed
......@@ -277,7 +277,8 @@ ARG: session-info"
(insert " ")
(narrow-to-region (point-min) (1- (point-max))))
(setq min (point-max-marker))
(lyskom-print-who-info pers-conf-stat conf-conf-stat who-info sesno)
(lyskom-print-who-info pers-conf-stat conf-conf-stat who-info sesno
(setq max (point-max-marker))
(goto-char (point-max)))
(delete-char 1))
......@@ -1596,28 +1596,34 @@ args: TIME."
(lyskom-run 'who-is-on 'lyskom-run 'main 'lyskom-end-of-command))
(defun lyskom-print-who-info (conf-stat working who-info my-session-no)
"Print a line about a user. Args: CONF-STAT WORKING WHO-INFO MY-SESSION-NO.
(defun lyskom-print-who-info (conf-stat working who-info my-session-no
&optional insert-function)
"Print a line about a user.
CONF-STAT refer to the user.
WORKING is the conf-stat of his current working conference.
WHO-INFO is the who-info.
MY-SESSION-NO is the session number of the running session."
(lyskom-return-who-info-line (format "%4d%s"
MY-SESSION-NO is the session number of the running session.
&optional INSERT-FUNCTION is the function for inserting the text into
the buffer. If nil, use lyskom-insert."
(let ((insertfun (if insert-function
(funcall insertfun
(format "%4d%s"
(who-info->connection who-info)
(if (= my-session-no
(who-info->connection who-info))
(if (= my-session-no (who-info->connection who-info))
" "))
(conf-stat->name conf-stat)
((conf-stat->name working))
(t (lyskom-get-string
(lyskom-return-who-info-line " "
(t (lyskom-get-string 'not-present-anywhere)))))
(if kom-show-where-and-what
(funcall insertfun
" "
(lyskom-return-username who-info)
(concat "("
(who-info->doing-what who-info)
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