Commit 3275bd01 authored by David Byers's avatar David Byers
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Updates to match swedish-strings.el v35.16

parent 360a1c59
......@@ -386,6 +386,8 @@ Email-address:\n\nOther:\t")
(does-not-exist . "Unknown command.")
; Only people fixing bugs or recieving bugg-reports should change these:
(buggreport-compilestart . "Compiling...")
(buggreport-compileend . "Compiling...done")
(buggreport-description . "This is what I was doing:
(Fill in your comments below)\n\n\n
When you have completed writing this, send you r bug report to the LysKOM
......@@ -396,13 +398,14 @@ Lysator, c/0 ISY, Linkoping Univerity, S-581 83 Linkoping, SWEDEN.
Mark the envelope with \"LysKOM bug report\"\n\n")
(buggreport-internals . "LysKOM's internal information:\n\n")
(buggreport-version . "lyskom-version:")
(buggreport-pending-calls . "lyskom-pending-calls:")
(buggreport-call-data . "\nlyskom-call-data:")
(buggreport-emacs-version . "emacs-version:")
(buggreport-system-id . "system-id:")
(buggreport-ctl-arrow-doc . "ctrl-doc:")
(buggreport-unparsed . "\nlyskom-unparsed-buffer:")
(buggreport-reading-list . "\nlyskom-reading-list:")
(buggreport-to-do-list . "\nlyskom-to-do-list:")
(buggreport-command-keys . "Recently pressed keys:")
(buggreport-backtrace . "\n*Backtrace*:\n%#1s\n")
(buggreport-communications . "\nlyskom-debug-communications-to-buffer-buffer:")
(buggreport-all-kom-variables . "\n\nOther variables:\n***** *********")
(buggreport-instead-of-byte-comp . "byte-code(\"byte-string\"")
(buggreport-subject . "Bugreport elisp-client version %#1s")
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