Commit 3362cf1d authored by David Kågedal's avatar David Kågedal
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* command.el (lyskom-end-of-command): Använd

parent 5bea9e9a
......@@ -222,7 +222,14 @@ chosen according to this"
(if lyskom-idle-time-flag
(initiate-user-active 'background nil))
(if kom-inhibit-typeahead
;; lyskom-pending-commands should probably be a queue or a stack.
(when lyskom-pending-commands
(let ((command (car lyskom-pending-commands)))
(setq lyskom-pending-commands (cdr lyskom-pending-commands))
(if (symbolp command)
(call-interactively command)
(eval command)))))
(provide 'lyskom-command)
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