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Updated docs on lyskom-button-action

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prioritize-flag-menu Membership flag in mship-edit.el
Define new types by updating lyskom-button-actions. This list is
language-dependent. Don't forget to update it in all languages.
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The variable lyskom-button-actions defines the types of buttons
available in the client. If you want to add a new kind of button,
this is where to do it. The variable is language-dependent so you
must define it in all languages. Sorry about that.
this is where to do it.
Each element in lyskom-button-actions defines one type of button.
The elements have the following structure:
......@@ -131,8 +128,7 @@
LABEL is the default menu title for buttons of this type. It
should be a symbol that the client looks up with
lyskom-get-string. Actually, this parameter is not used at
all at the moment. It will be.
DEFAULT is the default action to take on a click. It must be a
function (actually name of a function) that takes three
......@@ -144,8 +140,9 @@
ACTIONS is a list of other possible actions. These are used to
build the popup menu for the button. Each element in
ACTIONS is a cons cell of (STRING . FUNCTION) where STRING
is the string to use in the popup menu and FUNCTION is the
ACTIONS is a cons cell of (SYMBOL . FUNCTION) where SYMBOL
is a string key that can be found lyskom-get-string to get
a string to use as a menu item, and FUNCTION is the
function to call if the user selects that command.
HINTS is a list of hints that can be used to override the
......@@ -158,14 +155,14 @@
Here is a small example of a button type:
(("Visa presentation" . lyskom-button-view-conf-presentation)
("Visa mötesstatus" . lyskom-button-view-conf-status)
("Gå till mötet" . lyskom-button-goto-conf)
("Skicka gruppmeddelande" . lyskom-button-send-message)
("Bli medlem i mötet" . lyskom-button-add-self)
("Utträd ur mötet" . lyskom-button-sub-self))
((view-conf-menu-item . lyskom-button-view-conf-presentation)
(view-conf-stat-menu-item . lyskom-button-view-conf-status)
(go-to-conf-menu-item . lyskom-button-goto-conf)
(send-message-menu-item . lyskom-button-send-message)
(become-member-menu-item . lyskom-button-add-self)
(sub-self-menu-item . lyskom-button-sub-self))
((kom-list-news . lyskom-button-goto-conf)
(kom-membership . lyskom-button-goto-conf)))
......@@ -178,15 +175,6 @@
NOTE: The popup menu title must be defined in the lyskom-messages
list of strings. The symbol myst be TYPE-popup-title, where
TYPE is the button type. The string may be a format string
with one argument, the button text. UTSL for examples.
NOTE: Perhaps one day someone will fix things so that we don't use
hard-coded title names and so that the variable is not
You can extend an existing button type by using the function
lyskom-add-button-action. This is mostly useful for users who want
to customize LysKOM. The function has regular Lisp documentation.
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