Commit 355ca0f7 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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(kom-obsolete-extended-command-binding): Be annoying both ways.

parent bb4a0cd9
2002-05-03 Per Cederqvist <>
* commands2.el (kom-obsolete-extended-command-binding): Be
annoying both ways.
2002-05-01 David Byers <>
* commands1.el (kom-move-text-tree): New command, innit?
......@@ -2908,10 +2908,10 @@ Tryck p
'(face kom-warning-face))
;; Make sure the user actually gets a beep.
(if visible-bell
(let ((visible-bell nil))
;; Beep both visibly and audibly, if possible. We *want* to be annoying.
(let ((visible-bell t))
(let ((visible-bell nil))
(lyskom-format "%#1@Tryck return eller enter fr att g vidare: " '(face kom-warning-face))))
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