Commit 372be663 authored by Christer Ekholm's avatar Christer Ekholm

Remove unused function lyskom-parse-coded-string

The function generates a warning in emacs-25

 lyskom.el:31094:6:Warning: ‘nil’ is not a condition name (in condition-case)

Since it's not used, just remove it instead of trying to fix it.
parent 003115c6
2016-07-07 Christer Ekholm <>
* compatibility.el (or): Fix condition for redefine kbd.
* parse.el: Remove unused function lyskom-parse-coded-string
* compatibility.el: Fix condition for redefine kbd.
2016-05-25 Christer Ekholm <>
......@@ -247,19 +247,6 @@ Signal lyskom-protocol-error if the next token is not a string."
(lyskom-setq-default lyskom-string-bytes-missing 0)
(setq lyskom-parse-pos (+ lyskom-parse-pos len))))))))))
;;UNUSED: lyskom-parse-coded-string
(defun lyskom-parse-coded-string ()
"Parse a string with explicit coding."
(let ((coding (intern (lyskom-parse-coding)))
(data (lyskom-parse-raw-string)))
(condition-case nil
(progn (lyskom-check-coding-system coding)
(lyskom-decode-coding-string data coding))
(nil data))))
(defun lyskom-parse-1-or-0 ()
"Parse next nonwhite char and return t if it was 1, nil if it was 0.
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