Commit 42300c03 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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(window-list): Removed. This was no longer used.

parent e4f331f0
......@@ -503,31 +503,6 @@ See `walk-windows' for the meaning of MINIBUF and FRAME."
minibuf frame)
(lyskom-provide-function window-list (&optional frame minibuf window)
"Return a list of windows on FRAME, beginning with WINDOW.
FRAME and WINDOW default to the selected ones.
Optional second arg MINIBUF t means count the minibuffer window
even if not active. If MINIBUF is neither t nor nil it means
not to count the minibuffer even if it is active."
(setq window (or window (selected-window))
frame (or frame (selected-frame)))
(if (not (eq (window-frame window) frame))
(error "Window must be on frame."))
(let ((current-frame (selected-frame))
(select-frame frame)
(function (lambda (cur-window)
(if (not (eq window cur-window))
(setq list (cons cur-window list)))))
(setq list (cons window list)))
(select-frame current-frame))))
replace-in-string (str regexp newtext &optional literal)
"Replaces all matches in STR for REGEXP with NEWTEXT string.
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