Commit 434eeae3 authored by Johan Sundström's avatar Johan Sundström
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Texts imported to kom are rarely, if ever, in swascii; do not treat them as such.

parent 5ff963c6
2002-02-04 Johan Sundström <>
* view-text.el
Also, don't convert texts created by a mail importer. (The theory
here is that all ol'e farts writing swedish in swascii pursue this
practice only in kom, and that few people writing on mailing lists
imported to kom do.)
2002-01-30 Johan Sundström <>
* view-text.el
......@@ -425,13 +425,15 @@ when put in your `lyskom-view-text-hook'."
;(add-hook 'lyskom-view-text-hook 'lyskom-filter-signature-hook)
(defun lyskom-view-text-convert-ISO-646-SE-to-ISO-8859-1 ()
"Display r{ksm|rg}s as räksmörgås (unless \"å o\"; converting
][\\}{| but not ^~@`. Yet another useful function to put in your
"Display r{ksm|rg}s as räksmörgås unless the text is an imported mail
or we are reviewing without conversion. In other words, the characters
][\\}{| are converted, however ^~@` are not. Yet another useful function
to put in your `lyskom-view-text-hook'."
;; First the hard part - should we patch the text
;; in the text object?
(if (not (equal lyskom-current-command
(unless (or (equal lyskom-current-command
(lyskom-text-is-mail-p lyskom-view-text-text-stat))
;; Yes, modify the text from the text-object (stored in mod)
(let* ((mod (aref (cdr lyskom-view-text-text) 1))
(brk (string-match "\n" mod))
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