Commit 48f59237 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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Menyer för edit-moden. Mappning till namn på menyerna flyttad

till swedish-strings.el
parent dfc01eef
......@@ -61,38 +61,53 @@
(item kom-list-persons))))))
"The menus used in LysKOM.")
(defvar lyskom-menu-names
'((lyskom . "LysKOM")
(read . "Ls")
(dont-read . "Hoppa")
(write . "Skriv")
(move . "G")
(info . "Om"))
"The titles of the menus and submenus in LysKOM.")
(defvar lyskom-edit-menus
'((menu lyskom
((menu send ((item kom-edit-send)
(item kom-edit-send-anonymous)))
(item kom-edit-quit)
(menu recievers ((item kom-edit-add-recipient)
(item kom-edit-add-copy)))
(menu commented ((item kom-edit-show-commented)
(item kom-edit-insert-commented))))))
"The menus for editing LysKOM messages.")
(defvar lyskom-menu-map nil
"A keyamp describing the LysKOM top menu.")
"A keymap describing the LysKOM top menu.")
(when (not lyskom-menu-map)
(setq lyskom-menu-map (make-sparse-keymap)))
(defvar lyskom-edit-menu-map nil
"A keymap the LysKOM menu in the edit buffer.")
(when (not lyskom-edit-menu-map)
(setq lyskom-edit-menu-map (make-sparse-keymap)))
(defun lyskom-build-menus ()
"Create menus from according to LYSKOM-MENUS"
;; Menu in lyskom-mode
(define-key lyskom-mode-map [menu-bar]
(define-key lyskom-mode-map [menu-bar edit]
(lyskom-define-menu lyskom-menu-map lyskom-menus))
(lyskom-define-menu lyskom-menu-map lyskom-menus)
;; Menu in lyskom-edit-mode
(define-key lyskom-edit-mode-map [menu-bar]
(lyskom-define-menu lyskom-edit-menu-map lyskom-edit-menus))
(defun lyskom-define-menu (map menus)
(when menus
(lyskom-define-menu map (cdr menus))
(cond ((eq 'hline (car menus))
; ignore
(define-key map [separator] '("--")))
((eq 'menu (car (car menus)))
(let* ((symbol (car (cdr (car menus))))
(name (lyskom-get-string symbol lyskom-menu-names))
(name (lyskom-get-string symbol 'menu))
(submenu (car (cdr (cdr (car menus)))))
(submap (make-sparse-keymap name)))
(define-key map (vector symbol)
......@@ -100,7 +115,7 @@
(lyskom-define-menu submap submenu)))
((eq 'item (car (car menus)))
(let* ((symbol (car (cdr (car menus))))
(name (lyskom-get-string symbol lyskom-commands)))
(name (lyskom-get-string symbol 'menu)))
(define-key map (vector symbol)
(cons name symbol))))
(t (error "Menu description invalid in lyskom-define-menu")))))
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