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No commit message

No commit message
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......@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ Annat se \\[describe-mode] ---")
; From komtypes.el: nil
; From clienttypes.el: nil
; From startup.el:
(server-q . "Lyskom-server? (%#1s) ")
(server-q . "LysKOM-server? (%#1s) ")
(try-connect . "LysKOM elisp-klient version %#1s.\nF\366rs\366ker koppla upp mot %#2s.\n")
(protocoll-error . "Protocol error. Servers says: %#1s")
(connection-done . "Uppkopplingen klar. Serverns versionsnummer \344r %#1s.\n\n")
......@@ -256,7 +256,7 @@ du har l\344st klart allting. Kom tillbaks senare.
(what-to-change-pres-you . "Vilket m\366te/person vill du \344ndra presentationen f\366r (dig sj\344lv): ")
(who-to-put-motd-for . "Vilket m\366te/person vill du s\344tta lapp p\345 d\366rr f\366r (dig sj\344lv): ")
(cant-get-conf-stat . "Kan ej h\344mta m\366tesstatus f\366r m\366tet.")
(cant-get-conf-stat . "Kan ej h\344mta m\366tesstatus f\366r m\366tet.\n")
(go-to-conf-p . "G\345 till m\366te: ")
(want-become-member . "Vill du bli medlem? ")
(no-ok . "Nehej.\n")
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