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Skrev om helt för att hantera det nya strängsystemet.

parent b1a9b9f0
......@@ -6,47 +6,79 @@
;;;; This file is used for checking swedish-strings.el and
;;;; english-strings.el. Run using
;;;; emacs -batch -l check-strings.el -f run
;;;; emacs -batch -l check-strings.el [-l <lyskomfiles>.el] -f lyskom-check-strings
;;;; or by M-x lyskom-check-strings
(defvar language-files '((english . "english-strings.el")
(swedish . "swedish-strings.el")))
(defvar language-values nil)
(defvar language-variables '(lyskom-strings lyskom-commands lyskom-keybindings))
(defun language-value (language sym)
(cdr (assq sym (cdr (assq language language-values)))))
(defun missing-sym (sym)
(intern (concat (symbol-name sym) "-missing")))
(defun symbol-value-safe (sym)
(and (boundp sym)
(symbol-value sym)))
(defun read-language (language file vars)
(let ((result (list language)))
(load-file file)
(while vars
(setq result (append result (list (cons (car vars)
(car vars))))))
(setq result (append result (list (cons (missing-sym (car vars))
(missing-sym (car vars)))))))
(setq vars (cdr vars)))
(setq language-values (cons result language-values))))
(defvar lyskom-format-format
"regexp matching format string parts.")
(defun format-string (string)
(require 'lyskom)
(defvar lcs-message-buffer "*LysKOM string check*")
(defun lyskom-check-strings ()
"Check the strings in LysKOM for sanity."
(or noninteractive
(lcs-message t "Languages: %s" (mapcar 'car lyskom-languages))
(mapcar 'lcs-check-category lyskom-language-categories)
(or noninteractive
(display-buffer lcs-message-buffer)))
(defun lcs-check-category (category)
"Check the strings in CATEGORY."
(lcs-message t "Checking category %s" category)
(let ((strings (lcs-all-category-string category)))
(while strings
(lcs-check-strings category (car (car strings))
(cdr (car strings)))
(setq strings (cdr strings)))))
(defun lcs-all-category-string (category)
"Returns list of names for CATEGORY, and their strings."
(mapcar (function
(lambda (symbol)
(let ((info (get symbol category)))
(if info (cons symbol info)))))
(get category 'lyskom-language-symbols)))
(defun lcs-check-strings (category name strings)
"Check the strings in CATEGORY named NAME.
STRINGS is a list of (language . string)."
;; (lcs-message t "Checking %s:%s" category name)
(let ((format-list 'uninitialized)
(first-str nil)
(langs (mapcar 'car lyskom-languages)))
(while strings
(let* ((lang (car (car strings)))
(str (cdr (car strings)))
(flist (lcs-check-string category name lang str)))
(if (listp format-list)
(or (lcs-check-format-string format-list flist)
(lcs-message nil "(%s:%s) Format mismatch\n %S\n %S"
category name first-str str))
(setq format-list flist
first-str str))
(setq strings (cdr strings)
langs (delq lang langs))))
(if langs
(lcs-message nil "(%s:%s) Missing languages %s"
category name langs))))
(defun lcs-check-string (category name lang string)
"Check the string in CATEGORY named NAME in language LANG.
STRING is the string."
(if (and string (stringp string))
(lcs-split-format-string string)
(defun lcs-split-format-string (string)
"Extract the formatters from STRING."
(let ((result nil)
(start 0))
(while (and (< start (length string))
......@@ -64,113 +96,37 @@
(defun check-format-string (template string)
(if (not (stringp string))
(let* ((tmp (format-string string))
(result t))
(setq template (copy-sequence template))
(while tmp
(if (not (member (car tmp) template))
(setq result nil tmp nil)
(setq template (delete (car tmp) template))
(setq tmp (delete (car tmp) tmp))))
(and result (null template)))))
(defun check-language-value (language sym)
(message " Checking %s %S" language sym)
(let ((tmp (language-value language sym))
(missing nil)
(check nil))
(while tmp
(setq check (car tmp))
(if (and (cdr check)
(stringp (cdr check)))
(setq format-list (format-string (cdr check)))
(setq format-list nil))
(setq tmp (cdr tmp))
(setq missing nil)
(mapcar '(lambda (lang)
(if (and (not (assq (car check)
(language-value (car lang) sym)))
(not (memq (car check)
(car lang)
(missing-sym sym)))))
(setq missing (cons lang missing))
(if (and (stringp (cdr check))
(assq (car check)
(language-value (car lang) sym)))
(if (not
(cdr (assq (car check)
(language-value (car lang) sym)))))
(message " Format mismatch for %S in %s and %s\n %S\n %S"
(car check)
(cdr lang)
(cdr (assq (car check)
(language-value (car lang) sym))))
(if missing
(message " Missing %S in %s"
(car check)
'(lambda (x) (format "%s" (cdr x)))
", "))))))
(defvar lyskom-keybindings nil)
(defvar keymaps nil)
(defun suppress-keymap (&rest args) nil)
(defmacro define-key (map key cmd)
(` (progn (setq keymaps (cons (quote (, map)) keymaps))
(x-define-key (, cmd)))))
(defun define-prefix-command (&rest args) nil)
(defun x-define-key (cmd)
(if (not (assq cmd lyskom-keybindings))
(setq lyskom-keybindings (cons (cons cmd nil) lyskom-keybindings))))
(defun reset-keybindings ()
(setq lyskom-keybindings nil)
(mapcar (function (lambda (x) (set x nil))) keymaps)
(setq keymaps nil))
;;; ============================================================
;;; Here are the functions that do the deed
(defun run ()
(setq language-values nil)
(load-file "./")
(mapcar 'load-language language-files)
(mapcar 'check-language language-files))
(defun load-language (file-spec)
(message "Loading %S from %s" (car file-spec) (cdr file-spec))
(read-language (car file-spec) (cdr file-spec)
(defun check-language (file-spec)
(message "Checking %S in %s" (car file-spec) (cdr file-spec))
(mapcar (function
(lambda (x)
(check-language-value (car file-spec) x)))
(defun lcs-check-format-string (template flist)
"Match the formatters in TEMPLATE to those in FLIST."
(let* ((result t))
(setq template (copy-sequence template))
(while flist
(if (not (member (car flist) template))
(setq result nil flist nil)
(setq template (delete (car flist) template))
(setq flist (delete (car flist) flist))))
(and result (null template))))
(defun lcs-setup-message-buffer ()
"Inititalize the message buffer for string checking."
(set-buffer (get-buffer-create lcs-message-buffer))
(defun lcs-message (echo format &rest args)
"Display a message during string checking.
If ECHO is non-nil display the message in the echo area, otherwise
only append it to the log buffer.
FORMAT and ARGS are as for `format'."
(let ((msg (apply 'format format args)))
(if noninteractive
(princ (concat msg "\n") t)
(set-buffer lcs-message-buffer)
(goto-char (point-max))
(insert msg "\n"))
(if echo
(message msg)))))
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