Commit 5a129553 authored by Joel Rosdahl's avatar Joel Rosdahl
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parent ebb63b2c
2001-04-25 Joel Rosdahl <>
* utilities.el (lyskom-format-time): Spelling.
* mship-edit.el (lyskom-read-time): Don't subtract 1900 from year.
2001-04-25 David Byers <>
......@@ -977,11 +977,11 @@ interpreted as follows:
is used instead of the standard date format.
If FORMAT is a symbol but not one of the symbols listed above, the
format string will be lookup up with lyskom-get-string. The
format string will be looked up with lyskom-get-string. The
timeformat-* strings are tailored to be used as formats for this
The arguments to the format string is (in order): year, month number
The arguments to the format string are (in order): year, month number
(starting with one for January), day-of-month number, hour, minute,
second, full name of the day of the week, abbreviated name of the day
of the week.
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