Commit 5d36030c authored by David Kågedal's avatar David Kågedal
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Justerade facesinställningarna vid uppstart.

parent 95e4a10c
Sun Jun 23 02:16:23 1996 David Kgedal <>
* startup.el (lyskom): Anropa lyskom-setup-faces
* (lyskom-setup-faces): Ny funktion.
* edit-text.el (lyskom-edit-parse-headers): Kr
lyskom-swascii-header-subject genom regexp-quote innan matchning.
......@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@ See lyskom-mode for details."
(setq lyskom-default-password password)
(setq lyskom-server-name host)
(setq lyskom-proc proc)
(lyskom-set-face-scheme kom-default-face-scheme)
(lyskom-format 'try-connect lyskom-clientversion host))
(set-process-filter proc 'lyskom-connect-filter)
......@@ -1238,7 +1238,12 @@ in lyskom-face-schemes."
;;; Look for X resources specifying faces.
(if (eq window-system 'x)
(defun lyskom-setup-faces ()
"Initalize the faces in the LysKOM client.
This sets the face scheme according to `kom-default-face-scheme', and
also reads the proper X resources."
(lyskom-set-face-scheme kom-default-face-scheme)
(if (eq window-system 'x)
(let* ((set-p (function
(lambda (face-name resource)
(x-get-resource (concat face-name ".attribute" resource)
......@@ -1265,4 +1270,4 @@ in lyskom-face-schemes."
(if (eq it 'on) (make-face-italic face nil t))
(if (eq it 'off) (make-face-unitalic face nil t))
(if ul (set-face-underline-p face (eq ul 'on))))))
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