Commit 68b88a69 authored by Ulrik Haugen's avatar Ulrik Haugen
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don't use endp from cl.

moved around kom-who-is-* keybindings.
parenthesised kom-who-is-command-names.
parent 12544eaf
2001-08-25 Ulrik Haugen <>
* commands1.el (lyskom-select-friends-from-who-list): change endp
to null which is built in.
* english-strings.el (lyskom-en-mode-map): moved "w l" to "w w",
"w a" to "w p"
* swedish-strings.el (lyskom-sv-mode-map): moved "v a" to "v n".
* swedish-strings.el, english-strings.el (lyskom-command):
Parenthesised kom-who-is-command-names.
2001-08-24 Ulrik Haugen <>
* (lyskom-help-categories, lyskom-commands): added
......@@ -3099,7 +3099,7 @@ Uses Protocol A version 9 calls"
(defun lyskom-select-friends-from-who-list (who-list)
"Returns a list of friends in WHO-LIST"
(let ((result nil))
(while (not (endp who-list))
(while (not (null who-list))
(when (memq (dynamic-session-info->person (car who-list))
(setq result (cons (car who-list) result)))
......@@ -1633,12 +1633,12 @@ You must become an active member of the conference to enter it.\n")
(kom-review-presentation . "Review presentation")
(kom-review-backward . "(Review) Backwards")
(kom-view-next-text . "(Read) next text")
(kom-who-is-on . "Who is on")
(kom-who-is-on . "Who (is on)")
. "Who is on in conference")
. "Who (is on in) conference")
. "Who is present in conference")
(kom-who-is-on-and-friend . "Which friends are on")
. "Who (is) present (in) conference")
(kom-who-is-on-and-friend . "Which friends (are on)")
(kom-who-am-i . "Where (am) i")
(kom-list-clients . "List clients")
(kom-busy-wait . "Wait (for news)")
......@@ -2026,9 +2026,9 @@ You must become an active member of the conference to enter it.\n")
(define-key lyskom-en-mode-map (kbd "f s") 'kom-filter-subject)
(define-key lyskom-en-mode-map (kbd "f a") 'kom-filter-author)
(define-key lyskom-en-mode-map (kbd "f c") 'kom-filter-text)
(define-key lyskom-en-mode-map (kbd "w l") 'kom-who-is-on)
(define-key lyskom-en-mode-map (kbd "w w") 'kom-who-is-on)
(define-key lyskom-en-mode-map (kbd "w c") 'kom-who-is-on-in-conference)
(define-key lyskom-en-mode-map (kbd "w a") 'kom-who-is-present-in-conference)
(define-key lyskom-en-mode-map (kbd "w p") 'kom-who-is-present-in-conference)
(define-key lyskom-en-mode-map (kbd "w f") 'kom-who-is-on-and-friend)
(define-key lyskom-en-mode-map (kbd "I") 'kom-who-am-i)
(define-key lyskom-en-mode-map (kbd "W") 'kom-busy-wait)
......@@ -1631,12 +1631,12 @@ Du m
(kom-review-presentation . "terse presentation")
(kom-review-backward . "(terse) Baklnges")
(kom-view-next-text . "Lsa nsta inlgg")
(kom-who-is-on . "Vilka r inloggade")
(kom-who-is-on . "Vilka (r) inloggade")
. "Vilka r inloggade i mte")
. "Vilka (r inloggade i) mte")
. "Vilka r nrvarande i mte")
(kom-who-is-on-and-friend . "Vilka vnner r inloggade")
. "Vilka (r) nrvarande (i mte)")
(kom-who-is-on-and-friend . "Vilka vnner (r inloggade)")
(kom-who-am-i . "Var (r) jag")
; (kom-display-who-buffer "Visa vilkalistan")
(kom-list-clients . "Lista klienter")
......@@ -2467,7 +2467,7 @@ Visar vilka som f
(define-key lyskom-sv-mode-map (kbd "f i") 'kom-filter-text)
(define-key lyskom-sv-mode-map (kbd "v i") 'kom-who-is-on)
(define-key lyskom-sv-mode-map (kbd "v m") 'kom-who-is-on-in-conference)
(define-key lyskom-sv-mode-map (kbd "v a") 'kom-who-is-present-in-conference)
(define-key lyskom-sv-mode-map (kbd "v n") 'kom-who-is-present-in-conference)
(define-key lyskom-sv-mode-map (kbd "v v") 'kom-who-is-on-and-friend)
(define-key lyskom-sv-mode-map (kbd "J") 'kom-who-am-i)
(define-key lyskom-sv-mode-map (kbd "V") 'kom-busy-wait)
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