Commit 76c2b3e4 authored by David Byers's avatar David Byers
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Hoppa kanske fungerar när man återser rekursivt.

parent 62862dc9
2001-05-15 David Byers <>
* commands1.el (kom-jump): Probably works in tree review mode, at
least without prefix arg. There may be bugs.
2001-05-11 Johan Sundstrm <>
* edit-text.el (lyskom-edit-fcc-text): Bugfix; don't swarm the
......@@ -3274,14 +3274,23 @@ If optional arg TEXT-NO is present then jump all comments to that text instead."
(car current-prefix-arg))
(signal 'lyskom-internal-error '(kom-jump))))))
(if text-no
(cond ((and (null current-prefix-arg)
(eq 'REVIEW-TREE (read-info->type
(lyskom-start-of-command 'kom-jump)
(set-read-list-del-first lyskom-reading-list)
(set-read-list-del-first lyskom-to-do-list))
(lyskom-start-of-command 'kom-jump)
(initiate-get-text-stat 'main 'lyskom-jump text-no t)
(lyskom-run 'main 'lyskom-end-of-command))
(lyskom-start-of-command 'kom-jump)
(t (lyskom-start-of-command 'kom-jump)
(lyskom-insert-string 'have-to-read)
(defun lyskom-jump (text-stat mark-as-read &optional sync)
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