Commit 7b1c4775 authored by Linus Tolke's avatar Linus Tolke
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Simpler kom-compile-bug-report.

parent fa6d3118
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......@@ -950,14 +950,7 @@ Format is 23:29 if the text is written today. Otherwise 04-01."
(set-buffer repname)
(goto-char (point-min))
(replace-regexp "byte-code(\".*\""
(lyskom-get-string 'buggreport-instead-of-byte-comp)))
(lyskom-edit-text lyskom-proc
(lyskom-create-misc-list 'recpt 79 'cc-recpt lyskom-pers-no)
(lyskom-format 'buggreport-subject
(set-buffer repname)
(lyskom-get-string 'buggreport-instead-of-byte-comp)))))
; ;;; ================================================================
......@@ -342,7 +342,15 @@ Lyskom-sessionen
(does-not-exist . "Detta kommando finns inte.")
; Only people fixing bugs or recieving bugg-reports should change these:
(buggreport-description . "Detta gjorde jag:\n(Fyll i dina kommenarer)\n\n\n\n\n")
(buggreport-description . "Detta gjorde jag:
(Fyll i dina kommenarer)\n\n\n
N{r du skrivit klart skall du skicka in din buggrapport till
LysKOM-utvecklarna. Det sker antingen med email till eller i Lysators LysKOM till m|tet
\"LysKOM; Elispklientens buggrapporter\" eller om inget annat
fungerar med vanligt brev till:
Lysator, c/o ISY, Linkoping University, S-581 83 Linkoping, SWEDEN.
M{rk kuvertet LysKOM buggrapport.\n\n")
(buggreport-internals . "LysKOMs interna information:\n\n")
(buggreport-version . "lyskom-version:")
(buggreport-pending-calls . "lyskom-pending-calls:")
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