Commit 81235303 authored by Johan Sundström's avatar Johan Sundström
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kom-list-news rehacked from scratch

parent 473f9f35
2000-05-28 Johan Sundström <>
* commands2.el (kom-list-news): Rehacked from scratch. Now
complies to present-day (..., present-time! Moah-ha-ha! :-)
elisp-client coding standards. Also generally faster now.
(lyskom-list-news): New function.
(lyskom-iter-list-news): [New] support function to kom-list-news.
* english-strings.el (lyskom-message): Fixed what looked like a
bug in total-unreads.
* swedish-strings.el, english-strings.el (lyskom-message): Added
the strings shown-unreads and no-unreads-shown.
2000-05-28 Johan Sundström <>
* edit-text.el (kom-edit-insert-commented): Edit-mode ^C^Y may now
......@@ -715,74 +715,114 @@ send. If DONTSHOW is non-nil, don't display the sent message."
;;; Lista Nyheter - List News
;;; Author: Linus Tolke
;;; Rehacked: Inge Wallin
;;; Rehacked: Inge Wallin, Johan Sundstrm
(defvar lyskom-special-conf-name "\\`\\( .t mig\\|NL:\\)\\'"
"Regexp to match conf names that are special.")
(defun lyskom-iter-list-news (unreads conf-stat)
"Callback function used to show the number of unread messages of a
conference. It heavily relies on (and destructively modifies) its
(when (and (or (not at-least)
(>= unreads at-least)) ; unreads within lower bound
(or (not at-most)
(<= unreads at-most))) ; unreads within upper bound
(when mship-confs ; remember all read conferences?
(setq mship-confs (delq (conf-stat->conf-no conf-stat) mship-confs)))
((and (boundp 'lyskom-special-conf-name)
(stringp lyskom-special-conf-name)
(string-match lyskom-special-conf-name
(conf-stat->name conf-stat)))
(lyskom-format-insert 'you-have-unreads-special unreads conf-stat))
(t (lyskom-format-insert 'you-have-unreads unreads conf-stat)))
(setq shown-unreads (+ shown-unreads unreads)
shown-confs (1+ shown-confs)))
(setq total-unreads (+ total-unreads unreads)
total-confs (1+ total-confs)))
(def-kom-command kom-list-news (&optional num)
"Print the number of unread articles to the user."
"Print the number of unread articles to the user. A prefix argument
of zero lists all conferences, a positive prefix arguments sets a
lower bound on the number of unread messages, whereas a negative
prefix argument sets an upper bound on the number of unread messages."
(interactive "P")
(let ((num-arg (cond
((numberp num) num)
((and (listp num)
(numberp (car num))) (car num))
(t nil)))
(mship-confs nil)
(at-least 1)
(at-most nil)
(shown-unreads 0)
(total-unreads 0)
(shown-confs 0)
(total-confs 0))
(when num-arg
((= num-arg 0)
(setq at-least nil
mship-confs (delq nil
(mapcar (lambda (el)
(when (not (membership-type->passive
(membership->type el)))
(membership->conf-no el)))
((> num-arg 0)
(lyskom-format-insert 'list-unread-with-n-unread
(setq at-least num-arg)))
((< num-arg 0)
(lyskom-format-insert 'list-unread-with-at-most-n-unread
(setq at-most (- num-arg))))))
(lyskom-list-news 'lyskom-iter-list-news)
(when mship-confs ; then list all read conferences too
(lyskom-traverse conf-no mship-confs
(lyskom-format-insert 'you-have-no-unreads conf-no)))
(if (= 0 total-unreads)
(lyskom-insert-string 'you-have-read-everything)
(if (= 0 shown-unreads)
(lyskom-insert-string 'no-unreads-shown)
(lyskom-insert "\n")) ; separate the shown list from the summary message
(when (and
(> shown-unreads 0)
(< shown-unreads total-unreads))
(lyskom-format-insert 'shown-unreads shown-unreads shown-confs))
(lyskom-format-insert 'total-unreads total-unreads total-confs))))
(defun lyskom-list-news (&optional callback &optional callback-args)
"With no arguments, returns a list of tuples (unread . conf-stat).
When called with a CALLBACK function, this function is called
iteratively as the list is built up. This function should take the two
arguments `number-of-unread-messages-in-conference' and `conf-stat'
and optionally any other arguments sent in the list CALLBACK-ARGS, and
its return value will form the elements of the list returned from
lyskom-list-news. The callback will only be fed conferences with at
least one unread message in them."
(unless kom-allow-incompleteness
(sit-for 0)
(let* ((num-arg (cond
((numberp num) num)
((and (listp num)
(numberp (car num))) (car num))
(t nil)))
(sum 0)
(mship-confs (and (numberp num-arg)
(= num-arg 0)
(delq nil
(mapcar (lambda (el)
(when (not (membership-type->passive
(membership->type el)))
(membership->conf-no el)))
(nconfs 0))
((not num-arg))
((> num-arg 0)
(lyskom-format-insert 'list-unread-with-n-unread num-arg))
((< num-arg 0)
(lyskom-format-insert 'list-unread-with-at-most-n-unread (- num-arg))))
(lambda (info)
(let ((un (length (cdr (read-info->text-list info))))
(name (conf-stat->name (read-info->conf-stat info)))
(conf-stat (read-info->conf-stat info)))
(setq mship-confs (delq (conf-stat->conf-no conf-stat) mship-confs))
((eq (read-info->type info) 'CONF)
(if (or (not num-arg) ; no prefix argument
(and (>= num-arg 0) ; positive numeric argument
(>= un num-arg)) ; less than number of unreads
(and (not (= un 0)) ; unreads present,
(<= num-arg -1) ; negative numeric argument,
(<= un (- num-arg)))) ; at most -argument unreads
(if (and (boundp 'lyskom-special-conf-name)
(stringp lyskom-special-conf-name)
(string-match lyskom-special-conf-name name))
(lyskom-format 'you-have-unreads-special un conf-stat)
(lyskom-format 'you-have-unreads un conf-stat))))
(setq sum (+ sum un)
nconfs (1+ nconfs)))))))
(read-list->all-entries lyskom-to-do-list))
(lambda (conf-no)
(lyskom-format-insert 'you-have-no-unreads conf-no))
(if (= 0 sum)
(lyskom-insert-string 'you-have-read-everything)
(lyskom-format-insert 'total-unreads sum nconfs))))
(lambda (info)
(let ((unreads (length (cdr (read-info->text-list info))))
(conf-stat (read-info->conf-stat info)))
(when (eq (read-info->type info) 'CONF)
(if callback
(apply callback unreads conf-stat callback-args)
(cons unreads conf-stat))))))
(read-list->all-entries lyskom-to-do-list)))
;;; ================================================================
......@@ -609,7 +609,10 @@ The message you were sending to %#1M was:
(you-have-unreads-special . "You have %#1d uncommented text%#1?d%[%]%[s%] in %#2M\n")
(you-have-no-unreads . "You have read everything in %#1M\n")
(you-have-read-everything . "No news (is bad news).\n")
(total-unreads . "\nYou have %#1d unread text%#1?d%[%]%[s%] texts in %#2M.\n")
(no-unreads-shown . "Found no conferences meeting that criterion.\n")
(total-unreads .
"You have %#1d unread text%#1?d%[%]%[s%] texts in %#2d conference%#2?d%[%]%[s%].\n")
(shown-unreads . "Showed %#1d unread text%#1?d%[%]%[s%] in %#2d conference%#2?d%[%]%[s%].\n")
(list-unread-with-n-unread . "Listing conferences with at least %#1d unread.\n")
(list-unread-with-at-most-n-unread . "Listing conferences with at most %#1d unread.\n")
(waiting-for-anything .
......@@ -597,7 +597,9 @@ Meddelandet du f
(you-have-unreads-special . "Du har %#1d okommentera%#1?d%[t%]%[de%] inlgg i %#2M\n")
(you-have-no-unreads . "Du har inget olst i %#1M\n")
(you-have-read-everything . "Du har sett alla nyheter.\n")
(total-unreads . "\nDu har %#1d olst%#1?d%[%]%[a%] inlgg i %#2d mte%#2?d%[%]%[n%].\n")
(no-unreads-shown . "Hittade inga mten som matchade det kriteriet.\n")
(total-unreads . "Du har totalt %#1d olst%#1?d%[%]%[a%] inlgg i %#2d mte%#2?d%[%]%[n%].\n")
(shown-unreads . "Visade %#1d olst%#1?d%[%]%[a%] inlgg i %#2d mte%#2?d%[%]%[n%].\n")
(list-unread-with-n-unread . "Visar endast mten med minst %#1d olsta.\n")
(list-unread-with-at-most-n-unread . "Visar endast mten med som mest %#1d olsta.\n")
(waiting-for-anything .
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