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Fixade datumfel i skrivna-inläggs-loggen.

Nytt kommando Ändra FAQ
Ta bort FAQ frågar bara om det finns mer än en FAQ
parent 358bc89e
2000-08-28 David Byers <>
* (lyskom-commands): Added kom-change-conf-faq.
* commands1.el (lyskom-change-conf-faq-2): New function.
(lyskom-change-conf-faq): New function.
(kom-change-conf-faq): New command.
* commands2.el (kom-del-faq): If there is only one FAQ, assume
that is the one to delete.
Fri Aug 25 22:12:16 2000 David Byers <>
Correct definition of mday in lyskom-client-date:
* async.el (lyskom-format-as-personal-message): Assume correct
value of mday.
* utilities.el (lyskom-client-date): Correct setting of mday.
2000-08-23 David Byers <>
* talkback.el (lyskom-insert-bug-report): Added command-line-args
to output.
2000-08-23 David Byers <>
* Release of 0.46-BETA-O
......@@ -500,7 +500,7 @@ Non-nil NOBEEP means don't beep."
(setq when (lyskom-format 'time-yyyy-mm-dd-hh-mm
(+ (time->year when) 1900)
(time->mon when)
(1+ (time->mday when))
(time->mday when)
(time->hour when)
(time->min when)))
(setq when (lyskom-format 'time-hh-mm
......@@ -1094,6 +1094,101 @@ Don't ask for confirmation."
(blocking-do 'get-conf-stat no))
(def-kom-command kom-change-conf-faq ()
"Change a FAQ for a conference."
(let* ((conf-no (lyskom-read-conf-no
(lyskom-get-string 'what-to-change-faq-you)
(cons (if lyskom-current-conf
(let ((tmp (blocking-do 'get-uconf-stat lyskom-current-conf)))
(if tmp (uconf-stat->name tmp) ""))
"") 0)
(conf-stat (when conf-no ; Need this to make sure the conf-stat is up-to-date!
(cache-del-conf-stat conf-no)
(blocking-do 'get-conf-stat conf-no)))
(faq-list (when conf-stat
(let ((tmp nil))
(lyskom-traverse-aux item
(conf-stat->aux-items conf-stat)
(when (eq (aux-item->tag item) 14)
(setq tmp (cons (cons (aux-item->data item) (aux-item->aux-no item)) tmp)))))
(text-no-aux (cond ((eq (length faq-list) 1)
(car faq-list))
((> (length faq-list) 1)
(lyskom-get-string 'text-to-change-as-faq)
nil t)
(cond ((null conf-stat)
(lyskom-insert (lyskom-get-string 'conf-does-not-exist)))
; ((null text-no)
; (lyskom-format-insert 'conf-has-no-faq conf-stat))
(t (lyskom-change-conf-faq conf-stat
(if text-no-aux (string-to-int (car text-no-aux)))
(if text-no-aux (cdr text-no-aux)))))))
(defun lyskom-change-conf-faq (conf-stat text-no aux-no)
"Interactively edit the FAQ for CONF-STAT in TEXT-NO."
(cond ((null conf-stat)
(lyskom-insert-string 'cant-get-conf-stat))
((or lyskom-is-administrator
(lyskom-is-supervisor (conf-stat->conf-no conf-stat) lyskom-pers-no))
(blocking-do-multiple ((text-stat (get-text-stat text-no))
(text-mass (get-text text-no)))
(let* ((str (and text-mass (text->decoded-text-mass text-mass text-stat)))
(subject (if (and str (string-match "\n" str))
(substring str 0 (match-beginning 0))
(body (if (and str (string-match "\n" str))
(substring str (match-end 0))
(or str ""))))
(apply 'lyskom-create-misc-list
(if (and text-stat text-mass)
(append (lyskom-get-recipients-from-misc-list
(text-stat->misc-info-list text-stat))
(list 'comm-to (text-stat->text-no text-stat)))
(list 'recpt (conf-stat->conf-no conf-stat))))
(text-stat->text-no text-stat)
(t (lyskom-format-insert 'not-supervisor-for conf-stat))))
(defun lyskom-change-conf-faq-2 (text-no conf-stat old-text-no old-aux-no)
(cache-del-conf-stat (conf-stat->conf-no conf-stat))
(lambda (retval conf-stat old-text-no text-no)
(if retval
(lyskom-format-insert-before-prompt 'changed-faq-for-conf-done conf-stat old-text-no text-no)
(lyskom-format-insert-before-prompt 'changed-faq-for-conf-failed conf-stat
old-text-no text-no
(conf-stat->conf-no conf-stat)
(when old-aux-no (list old-aux-no))
(list (lyskom-create-aux-item
0 14 0 0
(lyskom-create-aux-item-flags nil nil nil nil
nil nil nil nil)
(int-to-string text-no)))
(def-kom-command kom-change-conf-motd ()
"Change motd for a person or a conference."
......@@ -2157,10 +2157,13 @@ Return-value: 'no-session if there is no suitable session to switch to
(lyskom-format-insert 'conf-no-does-not-exist-r conf-no))
((null faq-list)
(lyskom-format-insert 'conf-has-no-faq conf-stat))
(t (setq text-no (lyskom-completing-read (lyskom-get-string 'text-to-del-as-faq)
nil t))
(t (setq text-no
(if (eq 1 (length faq-list))
(car faq-list)
(lyskom-completing-read (lyskom-get-string 'text-to-del-as-faq)
nil t)))
(when text-no
(lyskom-format-insert 'deleting-faq
(string-to-int text-no)
......@@ -2432,3 +2435,4 @@ The variable kom-keep-alive-interval controls the frequency of the request."
(if (lyskom-is-member pers-no conf-no)
(lyskom-format-insert 'pers-is-member-of-conf pers-no conf-no)
(lyskom-format-insert 'pers-is-not-member-of-conf pers-no conf-no))))
......@@ -44,13 +44,17 @@
You need an Emacs. The client appears to work with the following
versions of Emacs:
* XEmacs version 21.1 and 21.2
* XEmacs version 20.4, 21.1 and 21.2.
* Gnu Emacs version 19.34 [1]
* Gnu Emacs version 20.5 and newer
* Gnu Emacs version 20.5 and newer [2]
[1] You'll have to replace the included custom package, and if you
use Gnus, you may have to update that as well.
[2] It should be possible to run the client in Gnu Emacs 20.2 and
later, but you may experience some problems. Column alignment
is known to fail in version 20.2.
You need to have a recent version of the custom package installed.
The custom.el file that is bundled with Gnu Emacs 19.34 and older
versions of Gnus will not work.
......@@ -60,7 +64,9 @@
Custom is not longer distributed as a separate package, but it may
still be available at <URL:>.
be available at <URL:>. An
old version is available in the elisp-client ftp directory at
If you have a version of Gnus installed that uses the old custom
package, it's time to upgrade. The latest version of Gnus is
......@@ -77,9 +83,8 @@
2. What should I have
LysKOM can use w3 for displaying HTML and calc for performing
calculations. You don't really need any of these packages, but
they're so useful in their own right that you might as well make
sure you have them.
calculations. Neither package is required, but since they are
useful in their own right you might as well install them anyway.
At the time of writing this, the latest version of W3 is 4.0. It
is available from <URL:>
......@@ -311,6 +311,7 @@ and you have finished reading. Please come back later.
(what-to-change-pres-you . "Change presentation of who/what (yourself): ")
(what-to-change-faq-you . "Change FAQ for which conference: ")
(who-to-put-motd-for . "Post notice on who/what (yourself): ")
(cant-get-conf-stat . "Cannot get the status of that conference.\n")
......@@ -1298,6 +1299,7 @@ On since %#8s%#9s")
(faq-in-text-aux . "FAQ in text: %10#1n")
(conf-to-add-faq . "Which conference to you want to add a FAQ for? ")
(text-to-add-as-faq . "Which text is the new FAQ? ")
(text-to-change-as-faq . "Which FAQ do you want to change? ")
(adding-faq . "Adding text %#1n as a FAQ for %#2M...")
(conf-to-del-faq . "Which conference do you want to remove a FAQ from? ")
(text-to-del-as-faq . "Which text do you want to remove as FAQ? ")
......@@ -1305,6 +1307,10 @@ On since %#8s%#9s")
(conf-has-no-faq . "%#1M has no FAQ\n")
(view-which-faq . "View FAQ for which conference? ")
(review-faq-for-r . "View FAQ for %#1M.\n")
(changed-faq-for-conf-done . "FAQ for %#1M changed to text %#3n.\n")
(changed-faq-for-conf-failed . "Unable to change FAQ for %#1M to text %#3n.
%#2?b%[Text %#2n is still the FAQ.
(too-many-languages . "Cannot code that many character sets. Send uncoded? ")
(too-many-content-types . "Cannot figure out what content type you want. Simplify the text.")
......@@ -1677,6 +1683,7 @@ You must become an active member of the conference to enter it.\n")
(kom-stop-keep-alive . "Stop keeping connection alive")
(kom-is-person-member-of-conference . "Check (if person is a) member (of conference)")
(kom-change-conf-faq . "Change FAQ")
(lyskom-language-var lyskom-language-codes en
......@@ -293,6 +293,7 @@ du har l
(what-to-change-pres-you . "Vilket mte/person vill du ndra presentationen fr (dig sjlv): ")
(what-to-change-faq-you . "Vilket mte vill du ndra FAQ fr: ")
(who-to-put-motd-for . "Vilket mte/person vill du stta lapp p drr fr (dig sjlv): ")
(cant-get-conf-stat . "Kan ej hmta mtesstatus fr mtet.\n")
......@@ -1301,6 +1302,7 @@ Uppkopplad sedan %#8s%#9s")
(faq-in-text-aux . "FAQ i inlgg: %10#1n")
(conf-to-add-faq . "Vilket mte vill du lgga till en FAQ fr? ")
(text-to-add-as-faq . "Vilken text vill du lgga till som FAQ? ")
(text-to-change-as-faq . "Vilken FAQ vill du ndra? ")
(adding-faq . "Lgger till inlgg %#1n som FAQ fr %#2M...")
(conf-to-del-faq . "Vilket mte vill du ta bort en FAQ frn? ")
(text-to-del-as-faq . "Vilken text vill du ta bort som FAQ? ")
......@@ -1308,7 +1310,10 @@ Uppkopplad sedan %#8s%#9s")
(conf-has-no-faq . "%#1M har ingen FAQ\n")
(view-which-faq . "terse FAQ fr vilket mte? ")
(review-faq-for-r . "terse FAQ fr %#1M.\n")
(changed-faq-for-conf-done . "FAQ fr %#1M ndrad till text %#3n.\n")
(changed-faq-for-conf-failed . "Kunde inte ndra FAQ fr %#1M till text %#3n.
%#2?b%[Text %#2n r fortfarande FAQ.
(too-many-languages . "Fr mnga teckenuppsttningar fr att koda. Skicka in okodat? ")
(too-many-content-types . "Kan inte avgra innehllstyp. Frenkla inlgget.")
......@@ -1680,6 +1685,7 @@ Du m
(kom-stop-keep-alive . "Avbryt hll frbindelsen aktiv")
(kom-is-person-member-of-conference . "Kontrollera (om person r) medlem (i mte)")
(kom-change-conf-faq . "ndra FAQ")
(lyskom-language-var lyskom-language-codes sv
......@@ -96,6 +96,7 @@ Client version: %s (%s)
LysKOM server: %s:%S
Server version: %s %s %S
Current person: %S (%s)
Command line: %S
Please describe the precise symptoms of the bug and exactly what
actions triggered the bug. Be as detailed as possible. Do not try to
......@@ -116,6 +117,7 @@ make any conclusions of your own.
(condition-case nil
(uconf-stat->name (cache-get-uconf-stat lyskom-pers-no))
(error ""))
(let ((saved-place (point)))
(insert "\n\n")
......@@ -842,7 +842,7 @@ name of the day of week."
(lyskom-create-time (elt now 0) ;sec
(elt now 1) ;min
(elt now 2) ;hour
(1- (elt now 3)) ;mday
(elt now 3) ;mday
(elt now 4) ;mon
(- (elt now 5) 1900) ;year
(elt now 6) ;wday
......@@ -1375,6 +1375,7 @@ Users are encouraged to use their best sense of humor."
;;; ================================================================
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