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Automatic documentation of variables and functions

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CHAPTERS=texts.xml \
CHAPTERS=intro.xml \
texts.xml \
etiquette.xml \
commands.xml \
variables.xml \
dummy.xml \
GENFILES=fnc.ent var.ent editcmd.ent commands.xml variables.xml dummy.xml
# Generate the manual from DocBook XML using Jade wrappers
# I really don't know if the jw command is standard in installations
# of Jade, but it works fine in Debian/Gnu Linux.
# of Jade, but it works fine in Debian/Gnu Linux. The path to the
# stylesheet is also Linux (maybe Debian) specific. $(INCFILES) manual.xml chp.xml
jw -f docbook -b ps manual.xml $(INCFILES) $(GENFILES) manual.xml chp.xml
jw -f docbook -d '/usr/share/sgml/docbook/stylesheet/dsssl/ldp/ldp.dsl#print' -b ps manual.xml
# These files are generated from the source code.
fnc.ent var.ent commands.xml: $(SRC)/lyskom.el
emacs -batch -l $(SRC)/lyskom.el -l ./docgen.el -f lyskom-docgen
$(GENFILES): $(SRC)/lyskom.el
$(EMACS) -batch -l $(SRC)/lyskom.el -l ./docgen.el -f lyskom-docgen
# This file is generated from the Makefile and contains references
# to all the chapters.
chp.xml: Makefile
chp.xml: Makefile docgen.el
echo > $@
for i in $(INCFILES) ; do \
echo "<!ENTITY $$i SYSTEM \"$$i\">" >> $@ ; \
......@@ -38,9 +46,13 @@ chp.xml: Makefile
cd $(SRC) && make lyskom.el
rm -f $(GENFILES) $(INCFILES) chp.xml
# The files are the chapter files without the surrounding
# book element. They are built using the xml2inc script.
# book element. Probably XSLT would be the Right Thing, but sed
# gets the job done too %.xml
./xml2inc < $< > $@
sed -e '/<book[ >]/,/<\/book>/! d' -e '/<book[ >]/ d' -e '/<\/book>/ d' < $< > $@
;;;;; -*-coding: iso-8859-1;-*-
;;;; -*-coding: iso-8859-1;-*-
;;;;; $Id$
;;;;; Copyright (C) 1991-2002 Lysator Academic Computer Association.
......@@ -29,11 +29,21 @@
;;;; File: docgen.el
;;;; Generate documentation data for inclusion in the user manual
;;;; This should be run in Gnu Emacs 21.4. It works OK in 21.3 too,
;;;; but fails to generate all the key bindings.
;;; TO DO
;;; Extract documentation from edit-text. All commands with the prefix
;;; kom-edit- whose docstrings do not end in "Excluded from manual."
;;; should be extracted and put into entities like the regular
;;; commands. Then create another entity that we can use to insert
;;; them into the texts.xml file.
;;; Something like this should be done for mship-edit too.
;;; Variable documentation requires considerably more flexibility
;;; than command documentation:
......@@ -50,31 +60,22 @@
;;; In variables, warn for undocumented (no **) def-kom-vared
;;; variables that start with kom-
;;; Generate DTD fragments so we can use entities for command and
;;; variable references (e.g. &fn:kom-mark-text;) in XML.
;;; Read templates from a file, so we don't hard-code the
;;; format here.
;;; Specify output file on the command line.
;;; Specify lyskom.elc on the command line.
;;; Read a list of external references from a file. Ideally we'd read
;;; and parse the actual XML, but that is probably too much work. We
;;; need to map references like lyskom-read-text-no-prefix-arg to the
;;; actual ID to link to. Specify this file on the command line too.
;;; Do variable documentation.
;;; Write or find a stylesheed that doesn't suck. Mainly paragraph
;;; spacing is way too big, and the period after section numbers is
;;; just plain wrong. Maybe this can be fixed by setting parameters to
;;; the DSSSL processor -- see
;;; /usr/share/sgml/docbook/stylesheet/dsssl/modular/print/dbparam.dsl
;;; for all available parameters. %para-sep% is interesting.
(require 'cl)
......@@ -114,116 +115,346 @@
(defun lyskom-docgen-get-name (fn lang)
(let ((lyskom-language lang))
(lyskom-command-name fn)))
(lyskom-command-name fn lang)))
(defun lyskom-docgen-get-doc (fn)
(defun lyskom-docgen-function-doc (fn)
(let ((doc (documentation fn)))
(when (and doc (string-match "\\`\\*" doc))
(setq doc (substring doc 1)))
(when (and doc (string-match "Lisp documentation:" doc))
(setq doc (substring doc 0 (match-beginning 0))))
(lyskom-docgen-transform-refs fn (lyskom-docgen-fixup-sgml doc))))
(defun lyskom-docgen-transform-refs (fn doc)
(if doc
(let ((result "")
(start 0))
(while (string-match "`\\(.*?\\)'" doc start)
(setq result (concat result (substring doc start (match-beginning 0))))
(let ((sym (intern (match-string 1 doc))))
((assq sym lyskom-docgen-external-refs)
(setq result
(concat result
(format "<xref linkend=\"%s\" />"
(cdr (assq sym lyskom-docgen-external-refs))))))
((fboundp sym)
(unless (memq sym lyskom-commands)
(lyskom-docgen-error "%s: reference to non-command %s" fn sym))
(setq result
(concat result
(format "<link linkend=\"fn:%s\"><command>%s</command></link> [<link linkend=\"fn:%s\"><function>%s</function></link>]"
(lyskom-docgen-get-name fn 'en)
(setq lyskom-docgen-xrefd-functions
(add-to-list 'lyskom-docgen-xrefd-functions sym)))
((boundp sym)
(setq result
(concat result
(format "<link linkend=\"var:%s\">%s</link>"
sym sym)))
(setq lyskom-docgen-xrefd-variables
(add-to-list 'lyskom-docgen-xrefd-variables sym)))
(t (lyskom-docgen-error "%s: undefined reference to %s" fn sym)
(setq result (concat result
(match-string 1 doc)
(setq start (match-end 0))))
(setq result (concat result (substring doc start)))
(concat " <para>\n"
(replace-in-string result "\n\n+" "\n </para>\n <para>\n")
"\n </para>\n")
(lyskom-docgen-error "%s: No documentation!" fn)
(defun lyskom-docgen-variable-doc (var)
(let ((doc (documentation-property var 'variable-documentation t)))
(and (stringp doc) (string-match "\\`\\*\\*" doc) (substring doc 2))))
(defun lyskom-docgen-where-is-internal (command lang &optional map)
(let* ((map (or map (symbol-value (intern (format "lyskom-%s-mode-map" lang)))))
(trans (when (eq lang 'sv) `((?\] . ,(kbd ""))
(?\} . ,(kbd ""))
( . ,(kbd ""))
( . ,(kbd ""))
(3909 . ,(kbd ""))
(3941 . ,(kbd ""))
(2277 . ,(kbd ""))
(2245 . ,(kbd ""))
(aring . ,(kbd ""))
(Aring . ,(kbd ""))
(229 . ,(kbd ""))
(197 . ,(kbd ""))
(134217733 . ,(kbd "C-"))
(C-Aring . ,(kbd "C-"))
(C-aring . ,(kbd "C-"))
(67111109 . ,(kbd "C-"))
(67111141 . ,(kbd "C-"))
(67108989 . ,(kbd "C-"))
(,(kbd "C-}") . ,(kbd "C-"))
(?\[ . ,(kbd ""))
(?\{ . ,(kbd ""))
( . ,(kbd ""))
( . ,(kbd ""))
(228 . ,(kbd ""))
(196 . ,(kbd ""))
(3908 . ,(kbd ""))
(3940 . ,(kbd ""))
(2276 . ,(kbd ""))
(2244 . ,(kbd ""))
(Adiaeresis . ,(kbd ""))
(adiaeresis . ,(kbd ""))))))
(delete-duplicates (mapcar (lambda (binding)
(apply 'vector
(apply 'append
(mapcar (lambda (x)
(cond ((listp x) x)
((vectorp x) (append x nil))
(t (list x))))
(mapcar (lambda (key)
(or (cdr (assoc key trans)) key))
(where-is-internal command map))
:test 'equal)))
(defun lyskom-docgen-fixup-key-description (desc)
(replace-in-string desc "\\(C-[A-Za-z0-9]+\\) TAB " "\\1 C-i "))
(defun lyskom-docgen-format-key-sequence (binding)
(lambda (x)
(format "<keycap>%s</keycap>"
(lyskom-docgen-fixup-sgml (key-description x))))
binding "; "))
(if binding
(lambda (x)
(format "<keycap>%s</keycap>"
(key-description x)))))
binding "; ")
(defmacro lyskom-docgen-parse-docstring-error ()
`(let ((msg (mapconcat 'identity (cons str lines) "\n")))
(error "Parse error in docstring. State: %s. Near: %s"
state (substring msg 0 (min (length msg) 79)))))
(defun lyskom-docgen-parse-docstring (str)
(when (string-match "^\\s-*\\**" str)
(setq str (substring str (match-end 0))))
(let* ((result nil)
(state 'initial)
(lines (split-string str "\n"))
(saved-lines lines)
(str nil)
(current nil))
(while lines
(setq str (car lines) lines (cdr lines))
((eq state 'initial)
(setq current nil)
((string-match "^\\*" str) (setq state 'ul lines (cons str lines)))
((string-match "^\\s-*<\\s-*$" str) (setq state 'pre))
((string-match "^\\S-" str) (setq state 'para lines (cons str lines)))
((string-match "^\\s-+\\S-" str) (setq state 'table lines (cons str lines)))
((string-match "^\\s-*$" str))
(t (lyskom-docgen-parse-docstring-error))))
;; An ul block is
;; (ul item item item item)
;; the items are in reverse order
((eq state 'ul)
(unless (eq 'ul (car current))
(setq current (cons 'ul nil))
(setq result (cons current result)))
((string-match "^\\s-*$" str))
((string-match "^\\*\\s-*" str)
(setq state 'li lines (cons str lines)))
(t (setq state 'initial lines (cons str lines)))))
((eq state 'li)
((string-match "^\\s-*$" str) (setq state 'ul))
((string-match "^\\*\\s-*" str)
(setcdr current (cons (substring str (match-end 0)) (cdr current))))
(t (setcar (cdr current) (concat (car (cdr current)) " " str)))))
;; a para block is (para . string)
((eq state 'para)
(unless (eq 'para (car current))
(setq current (cons 'para nil))
(setq result (cons current result)))
((string-match "^\\s-*$" str) (setq state 'initial))
((string-match "^\\*" str) (setq state 'initial))
(t (setcdr current (cons str (cdr current))))))
;; a pre block is (pre . lines)
((eq state 'pre)
(unless (eq 'pre (car current))
(setq current (cons 'pre nil))
(setq result (cons current result)))
(cond ((string-match "^\\s-*>\\s-*$" str) (setq state 'initial))
(t (setcdr current (cons str (cdr current))))))
;; a table block is (table rows head)
((eq state 'table)
(unless (eq 'table (car current))
(setq current (cons 'table nil))
(setq result (cons current result)))
(setq lines (cons str lines) state 'thead))
((eq state 'thead)
(setcdr current (cons (cdr (string-split "\\s-\\s-+" str))
(cdr current)))
(setq state 'thsep))
((eq state 'thsep)
(unless (string-match "\\s-*-+\\s-*$" str)
(setq state 'tbody))
((eq state 'tbody)
((string-match "^\\s-*$" str))
((string-match "^\\s-*-+\\s-*$" str) (setq state 'initial))
(t (setq state 'trow lines (cons str lines)))))
((eq state 'trow)
(setcdr current (cons (cdr (string-split "\\s-\\s-+" str))
(cdr current)))
(setq state 'trow2))
((eq state 'trow2)
((string-match "^\\s-*$" str) (setq state 'tbody))
((string-match "^\\s-*-+\\s-*$" str) (setq state 'initial))
(t (let ((cells (nreverse (cdr (string-split "\\s-\\s-+" str)))))
(setcar (cdr current)
(mapcar (lambda (cell)
(concat cell " " (or (car cells) ""))
(setq cells (cdr cells))))
(nreverse (car (cdr current))))))))))
(t (error "Unknown state in docstring parser: %s" state))
(mapcar (lambda (el)
(cond ((eq (car el) 'pre)
(setcdr el (mapconcat 'identity (nreverse (cdr el)) "\n")))
((eq (car el) 'para)
(setcdr el (mapconcat 'identity (nreverse (cdr el)) " ")))
((listp (cdr el))
(setcdr el (nreverse (cdr el)))))
(nreverse result))
(defun lyskom-docgen-docstring-to-docbook (sym str)
(if str
(let ((parse (lyskom-docgen-parse-docstring str)))
(mapconcat 'identity
(lambda (el)
(cond ((eq (car el) 'para)
(concat "<para>\n"
sym (lyskom-docgen-fixup-sgml (cdr el)))
((eq (car el) 'ul)
(concat "<itemizedlist mark=\"bullet\">\n"
(mapconcat (lambda (item)
(concat "<listitem>\n"
" <para>\n"
sym (lyskom-docgen-fixup-sgml item))
"\n </para>"
(cdr el)
((eq (car el) 'table)
(concat "<informaltable>\n"
(format " <tgroup cols=\"%d\">\n" (length (car (cdr el))))
" <thead>\n"
" <row>\n"
(mapconcat (lambda (x)
(concat " <entry>"
sym (lyskom-docgen-fixup-sgml x))
(car (cdr el))
"\n </row>"
"\n </thead>\n"
" <tbody>\n"
(mapconcat (lambda (row)
(concat " <row>\n"
(mapconcat (lambda (x)
(concat " <entry>"
sym (lyskom-docgen-fixup-sgml x))
row "\n")
"\n </row>"))
(cdr (cdr el))
"\n </tbody>"
"\n </tgroup>"
((eq (car el) 'pre)
(concat "<screen>\n"
(lyskom-docgen-fixup-sgml (cdr el))
(t (error "Unknown docstring parse element: %s" el))))
(lyskom-docgen-error "%s: No documentation!" fn)
(defun lyskom-docgen-generate-commands-chapter-2 ()
(lyskom-traverse command lyskom-commands
(let* ((name-sv (lyskom-docgen-get-name command 'sv))
(name-en (lyskom-docgen-get-name command 'en))
(bind-sv (where-is-internal command lyskom-sv-mode-map))
(bind-en (where-is-internal command lyskom-en-mode-map))
(doc-en (lyskom-docgen-get-doc command)))
(format "\
<section id=\"fn:%s\"><title>%s [%s]</title>
<informaltable frame=\"topbot\">
<tgroup cols=\"2\">
<tbody valign=\"top\">
<entry>English name</entry>
<entry>English binding</entry>
<entry>Swedish name</entry>
<entry>Swedish binding</entry>
(lyskom-docgen-format-key-sequence bind-en)
(lyskom-docgen-format-key-sequence bind-sv)
(setq lyskom-docgen-found-functions
(cons command lyskom-docgen-found-functions)))))
(defun lyskom-docgen-markup-paragraph (docsym doc)
(let ((result "")
(start 0)
(end nil))
(while (string-match "`\\(.*?\\)'" doc start)
(setq result (concat result (substring doc start (match-beginning 0)))
end (match-end 0))
(let* ((matched-string (match-string 1 doc))
(sym (intern matched-string)))
;; External reference
((assq sym lyskom-docgen-external-refs)
(setq result
(concat result
(format "<xref linkend=\"%s\" />"
(cdr (assq sym lyskom-docgen-external-refs))))))
;; Reference to a LysKOM function or variable
((string-match "^\\(lys\\)?kom-" matched-string)
(cond ((fboundp sym)
(setq lyskom-docgen-xrefd-functions (add-to-list 'lyskom-docgen-xrefd-functions sym))
(setq result
(concat result
(format "<link linkend=\"fn:%s\"><command>%s</command></link>" sym sym)
(if (memq sym lyskom-commands)
(format " (<link linkend=\"fn:%s\"><command>%s</command></link>)"
sym (lyskom-docgen-get-name sym 'en))
((boundp sym)
(setq lyskom-docgen-xrefd-variables (add-to-list 'lyskom-docgen-xrefd-variables sym))
(setq result
(concat result
(format "<link linkend=\"var:%s\"><varname>%s</varname></link>" sym sym))))
(lyskom-docgen-error "%s: reference to undefined name %s" docsym sym)
(setq result
(concat result
(format "<literal>%s</literal>" sym))))))
;; All uppercase means a replaceable string
((string-match "^[-_:A-Z]+$" matched-string)
(setq result (concat result (format "<replaceable>%s</replaceable>" matched-string))))
;; Everything else is a literal
(t (setq result (concat result (format "<literal>%s</literal>" matched-string))))
(setq start end)))
(setq result (concat result (substring doc start)))))
(defun lyskom-docgen-generate-missing-anchors ()
(lyskom-docgen-princ "<section><title>Dummy anchors</title><para>\n")
(message "Generating dummy.xml")
(lyskom-docgen-open-file "dummy.xml")
(lyskom-docgen-princ "<book>
<chapter id=\"dummy\"><title>Dummy anchors</title><para>\n")
(lyskom-traverse fn (set-difference lyskom-docgen-xrefd-functions
......@@ -233,7 +464,9 @@
(format "<anchor id=\"var:%s\" />Missing target: %s; \n" var var)))
(lyskom-docgen-princ "</para></section>\n"))
(lyskom-docgen-princ "</para></chapter>
......@@ -260,8 +493,7 @@
(commandp x)
(or (string-match "^kom-" (symbol-name x))
(string-match "^lyskom-" (symbol-name x))))
(format "<!ENTITY fn:%s \"<function>%s</function>\">\n" x x)))))
(lyskom-princ (format "<!ENTITY fn:%s \"<function>%s</function>\">\n" x x)))))
(defun lyskom-docgen-generate-var-ent ()
......@@ -272,13 +504,52 @@
(when (and (boundp x)
(or (string-match "^kom-" (symbol-name x))
(string-match "^lyskom-" (symbol-name x)))
(string-match "^\\*\\*"
(or (documentation-property x 'variable-documentation) "")))
(format "<!ENTITY var:%s \"<varname>%s</varname>\">\n" x x)))))
(lyskom-docgen-variable-doc x))
(lyskom-princ (format "<!ENTITY var:%s \"<varname>%s</varname>\">\n" x x)))))
(defun lyskom-docgen-generate-editcmd-ent ()
(message "Generating editcmd.ent")
(lyskom-docgen-open-file "editcmd.ent")
(lyskom-docgen-princ "\
<title>Edit mode commands</title>
(lambda (x)
(let (doc)
(when (and (fboundp x)
(commandp x)
(string-match "^kom-edit-" (symbol-name x))
(setq doc (lys