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Information about the Debian package.

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2000-09-05 Joel Rosdahl <>
* distribution-README: Information about the Debian package.
2000-09-05 Joel Rosdahl <>
* english-strings.el: Proof-read (to the best of my ability...).
......@@ -106,14 +106,17 @@
in a zip file. The archive contains all the files needed to build
the client and a pre-built client.
The client is also available as an RPM and a Debian package. These
assume that you are using Gnu Emacs 20.5 or later.
You can either install manually (see section 3.1) or using the
Makefile (section 3.3). However you install, there are a few
additional steps that you may want to follow to facilitate using
the client (section 3.3).
The client is also available as an RPM and a Debian package. The
RPM requires Gnu Emacs 20.x, while the Debian package works for
all supported Emacs/XEmacs flavors listed in section 1 above. You
can also get the Debian package automatically via apt; see
for more information.
3.1 Manual installation
......@@ -210,6 +213,8 @@
(autoload 'lyskom "lyskom" "Start LysKOM" t)
(This is not needed if you are using the Debian package.)
2. If you have your own LysKOM server you may want to modify the
variable kom-server-aliases. The best place to change it is in
your site init file (default.el or site-start.el). For example,
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