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New command: Change super conference

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......@@ -1058,6 +1058,55 @@ Format is 23:29 if the text is written today. Otherwise 04-01."
;;; ================================================================
;;; [ndra superm|te - Set super conference
;;; Author: Inge Wallin
(defun kom-set-super-conf ()
"Set the super conference for a conference."
(lyskom-start-of-command 'kom-set-super-conf)
'main 'lyskom-set-super-conf
(lyskom-get-string 'conf-to-set-super-conf-q)
nil nil ""))
(defun lyskom-set-super-conf (conf-stat)
"Set the super conference value for CONF-STAT."
(if (not conf-stat)
(lyskom-insert-string 'somebody-deleted-that-conf)
'main 'lyskom-set-super-conf-2
(lyskom-get-string 'new-super-conf-q)
nil nil "" conf-stat)))
(defun lyskom-set-super-conf-2 (super-conf conf-stat)
"Set the super conference value for CONF-STAT to SUPER-CONF.
(lyskom-format-insert 'super-conf-for-is
(conf-stat->name conf-stat)
(conf-stat->name super-conf))
(initiate-set-super-conf 'main 'lyskom-set-super-conf-3
(conf-stat->conf-no conf-stat)
(conf-stat->conf-no super-conf)
(defun lyskom-set-super-conf-3 (answer conf-stat)
"Get the answer from lyskom-set-super-conf and report the result."
(if (not answer)
(lyskom-insert-string 'nope)
(lyskom-insert-string 'done)
(cache-del-conf-stat (conf-stat->conf-no conf-stat)))
;;; ================================================================
;;; St{ng av servern - Shutdown
......@@ -1193,6 +1242,7 @@ Use OLD-MOTD-TEXT as the default text if non-nil."
(initiate-disconnect 'main 'lyskom-handle-command-answer
;;; ================================================================
;;; Skjut upp l{sning - postpone
......@@ -425,6 +425,11 @@ M{rk kuvertet LysKOM buggrapport.\n\n")
(name-is-not-in-conf . "%#1s r inte nrvarande i ngot mte.\n")
(name-is-in-conf . "%#1s r nrvarande i\n%#2s\n")
(connected-during . "Uppkopplingstid: %#1d sekunder.\n")
(conf-to-set-super-conf-q . "Vilket mte vill du stta supermte fr? ")
(new-super-conf-q . "Vilket mte vill du ha som supermte? ")
(super-conf-for-is . "ndra supermte fr %#1s till %#2s...")
(conf-to-set-garb-nice-q . "Vilket mte vill du stta livslngd fr? ")
(new-garb-nice-q . "Vilket vrde vill du stta livslngden till? ")
(garb-nice-for-is . "ndra livslngden fr %#1s till %#2d...")
......@@ -704,6 +709,7 @@ Felmeddelande: %#1s**************************************************")
(kom-sub-member "Uteslut medlem")
(kom-change-conf-motd "Stt lapp p drren")
(kom-set-garb-nice "ndra livslngd")
(kom-set-super-conf "ndra supermte")
(kom-unset-conf-motd "Ta bort lapp p drren")
(kom-save-text "Spara text (p fil)")
(kom-edit-options "ndra variabler")
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