Commit 985f4bec authored by David Kågedal's avatar David Kågedal
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Mixtrade med scrollningen

parent 4bf24e60
Tue May 7 03:18:48 1996 David Kgedal <>
* commands1.el (kom-list-re): Stt knapp p raderna.
* commands1.el (kom-send-letter): Gr (recenter 1) istllet fr
(recenter 0).
* lyskom-rest.el (kom-page-next-command): Dito.
(kom-view,lyskom-start-of-command): Dito.
* lyskom-rest.el (lyskom-insert): Frskte gra s att den inte
hoppar ner s ofta.
* commands1.el (kom-list-clients): Uppskjut utskrift av
(lyskom-deferred-client-1): Ny funktion.
(lyskom-deferred-client-2): Ny funktion.
* lyskom-rest.el (lyskom-format-aux-help): Liten ndring av
formatstrngen fr uppskjutna mtesnamn.
(lyskom-format-aux-help): Nytt format-element "D" som tar en
strng eller defer-info som argument.
* deferred-insert.el (lyskom-deferred-insert-conf): Anvnd redan
satta properties.
......@@ -241,7 +241,7 @@ as TYPE. If no such misc-info, return NIL"
(if (if (zerop (conf-stat->msg-of-day conf-stat))
(recenter 0)
(recenter 1)
(lyskom-format-insert 'has-motd
(lyskom-view-text (conf-stat->msg-of-day conf-stat))
......@@ -1193,14 +1193,15 @@ If you are not member in the conference it will be flagged with an asterisk."
(let ((conf-list (blocking-do 're-z-lookup regexp 1 1)))
(function (lambda (czi)
(format "%4d %c %s\n"
(conf-z-info->conf-no czi)
(if (conf-type->letterbox
(conf-z-info->conf-type czi))
?P ?M)
(conf-z-info->name czi))))))
"%[%#1@%4#2:m %#3c %#4:M%]\n"
'conf (conf-z-info->conf-no czi))
(conf-z-info->conf-no czi)
(if (conf-type->letterbox
(conf-z-info->conf-type czi))
?P ?M)
(conf-z-info->name czi))))
(conf-z-info-list->conf-z-infos conf-list))))
......@@ -1547,7 +1548,8 @@ If MARK-NO == 0, review all marked texts."
(s-width (1+ (length (int-to-string
(nth (1- total-users) who-list))))))
(format-string (lyskom-info-line-format-string s-width "P" "s")))
(format-string (lyskom-info-line-format-string
s-width "P" (if kom-deferred-printing "D" "s"))))
(lyskom-format-insert format-string
(lyskom-get-string 'lyskom-name)
......@@ -1561,15 +1563,25 @@ If MARK-NO == 0, review all marked texts."
(my-session (if (= lyskom-session-no
(who-info->connection who-info))
" ")))
" "))
(client (if kom-deferred-printing
(who-info->connection who-info)
nil nil nil ; Filled in later
(who-info->connection who-info))
((name (get-client-name
(who-info->connection who-info)))
(version (get-client-version
(who-info->connection who-info))))
(concat name " " version)))))
(concat session-no my-session)
(who-info->pers-no who-info)
((name (get-client-name (who-info->connection who-info)))
(version (get-client-version (who-info->connection who-info))))
(concat name " " version))))
(setq who-list (cdr who-list)))
(lyskom-insert (concat (make-string (- (lyskom-window-width) 2) ?-)
......@@ -1577,6 +1589,19 @@ If MARK-NO == 0, review all marked texts."
(lyskom-insert (lyskom-format 'total-users total-users))))
(defun lyskom-deferred-client-1 (name defer-info)
(initiate-get-client-version 'deferred
(defer-info->data defer-info)
(defun lyskom-deferred-client-2 (version defer-info name)
(lyskom-replace-deferred defer-info (if (zerop (length name))
(concat name " " version))))
(defun lyskom-info-line-format-string (prefixlen type1 type2)
"Return a format string suitable for inserting who-info lines etc."
......@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@
(defun lyskom-defer-insertion (defer-info)
"Defer insertion of something.
The insertion will be at (point)."
(goto-char (defer-info->pos defer-info))
;; (goto-char (defer-info->pos defer-info))
(funcall (intern-soft (concat "initiate-"
(symbol-name (defer-info->server-call
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