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Version: 1 -*- bugtrack -*-
Unused-Bug-Id: 19
Unused-Bug-Id: 20
Note: This is the header of a bugtrack file.
Note: If you see this, it means that there are
Note: no *known* bugs to track.
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ Currently handled by:
Severity: 7
Priority: 7
Difficulty: 6
Last edit: inge: Mon Aug 3 00:55:57 1992
Last edit: linus: Wed Jan 5 20:32:42 1994
Reported by: ingwa
Associated mails:
......@@ -33,6 +33,9 @@ End mails.
See further bug with id 1. I suggest we fix this one at the same time
as bug no 1 is fixed.
The order in which the sessions are sorted is not obvious. We could
provide choices: Alphabetically, Friends first/last...
Id: 3
Summary: The who buffer should have the number of logged in people in its status line
......@@ -363,3 +366,18 @@ Associated mails:
End mails.
Id: 19
Summary: kom-bug-report borde heta annorlunda och sl{nga in mig i mail-mode.
Version: 0.38
Created: linus: Wed Jan 5 21:04:18 1994
Currently handled by:
Severity: 0
Priority: 0
Difficulty: 0
Last edit: linus: Wed Jan 5 21:04:18 1994
Reported by: linus
Site: lysator
Associated mails:
End mails.
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