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Fixed some general inconsistencies, and a few errors in lyskom-tell-phrases....

Fixed some general inconsistencies, and a few errors in lyskom-tell-phrases. Matches swedish-strings.el 35.13
parent e3de4c38
......@@ -440,8 +440,8 @@ Mark the envelope with \"LysKOM bug report\"\n\n")
(head-Subject . "Subject: ")
(Recipient . "Recipient")
(Extra-recipient . "CC")
(send-at . " Posted: %#1s\n")
(sent-by . " Posted by ")
(send-at . " Posted: %#1s\n")
(sent-by . " Posted by ")
(recieved-at . " Received: %#1s\n")
(written-by . "by %#1s")
(comment-to-text-by . "Comment to article %#1d %#2s\n")
......@@ -543,7 +543,7 @@ use. Please try later.
(j-or-n . "(y or n) ")
(y-instring . "yY ")
(person-does-not-exist . "Person %#1d (does not exist).")
(person-does-not-exist . "User %#1d (does not exist).")
(conf-does-not-exist . "Conference %#1d (does not exist).")
(process-signal . "Signal from the process.")
......@@ -774,7 +774,7 @@ Cf. paragraph-start.")
(defconst kom-tell-phrases
(kom-tell-silence "") ; Why ?
(kom-tell-send "Is trying to post a article.")
(kom-tell-send "Is trying to post an article.")
(kom-tell-login "Is logging in.")
(kom-tell-read "Is reading.")
(kom-tell-1st-pres "Is writing the first presentation.")
......@@ -782,11 +782,11 @@ Cf. paragraph-start.")
(kom-tell-write-footnote "Is writing a footnote.")
(kom-tell-write-letter "Is writing a letter.")
(kom-tell-write-reply "Is writing a personal reply.")
(kom-tell-write-text "Is writing a article.")
(kom-tell-write-text "Is writing an article.")
(kom-tell-conf-pres "Is writing the presentation for a new conference.")
(kom-tell-recover "Performs a reset. Sigh.")
(kom-tell-wait "Is waiting.")
(kom-tell-regret "Is decides to throw away the article.")
(kom-tell-regret "Decides to throw away the article.")
(kom-tell-review "Is reviewing.")
(kom-tell-change-name "Takes on a new name.")
(kom-tell-change-supervisor "Changes the organizer for something.")
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