Commit a4baff32 authored by Peter Liljenberg's avatar Peter Liljenberg
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Lade till stöd för Lynx.

parent 7916f70f
......@@ -766,6 +766,47 @@ existing Mosaic process. Failing that, it starts a new Mosaic."
(list url)))
(lyskom-url-manager-starting manager)))))
;; Added by Peter Liljenberg
(defun lyskom-view-url-lynx (url manager)
"View the URL URL using Lynx.
Lynx will be run either in an xterm or in Emacs terminal mode,
depending on the value of `kom-lynx-terminal'."
((eq kom-lynx-terminal 'xterm)
(apply 'start-process
(car kom-lynx-xterm-command)
(append (cdr kom-lynx-xterm-command) (list url)))
(lyskom-url-manager-starting manager))
((eq kom-lynx-terminal 'terminal)
(let* ((lbuf (get-buffer "*Lynx*"))
(lproc (and lbuf (get-buffer-process lbuf))))
(if lproc
;; Tell existing Lynx to fetch URL
(process-send-string lproc (concat "g" url "\n"))
;; Create a new Lynx
(apply 'make-term "Lynx"
(if (listp kom-lynx-terminal-command)
(car kom-lynx-terminal-command)
(if (listp kom-lynx-terminal-command)
(append (cdr kom-lynx-terminal-command) (list url))
(list url))))
(get-buffer-process (current-buffer))
(function (lambda (proc str)
(kill-buffer (process-buffer proc))))))
(lyskom-url-manager-starting manager)))
(t (lyskom-error "Bad Lynx terminal: %s" kom-lynx-terminal))
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