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Swedish name: Kopiera inställningar
English name: Copy options
** kom-set-keep-commented: Change the number of days a text is
protected from automatic deletion (garbage collection) after the
most recent comment is written.
Swedish name: Ändra minsta livslängd (för kommenterade texter)
English name: Change minimum expiration (for commented texts)
* New settings
......@@ -372,6 +378,8 @@
kom-list-new-conferences and kom-list-new-persons.
* Changed settings
** kom-server-aliases no longer contains the built-in list of servers.
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* Other new major features
** The initial values shown when reding conference names have been
altered. Now (nearly) all commands provide an initial value. The
initial value is configurable, but users are discouraged from
altering the configuration in this version of the client as the
format of the configuration parameters is likely to change in
future versions of the client.
In general, commands use the conference name under point (if point
is on a conference name) as the initial value. If point is not on a
conference name, most commands use the current conference as the
initial value. There are several exceptions to this rule, where
other defaults make more sense.
The initial value is deleted automatically if you start typing a
new name, and can be edited by moving the cursor before typing.
** On servers that support it, the client uses UTC timestamps, and
will display dates and times in the local time zone, rather than
the server time zone.
** kom-move-text can move attachments and footnotes with the main
text. It asks for confirmation before doing so.
** kom-sub-recipient can remove recipients from attachments and
footnotes as it removed recipients from the main text. It asks for
confirmation before doing so.
** Reception of group messages can be controlled separately of the
passive/active status of a membership. This requires a server that
supports this feature (e.g. lyskomd 2.1.0 or later).
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