Commit acd4415d authored by David Byers's avatar David Byers
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Updated menus

Detailed changes:
> 2003-12-17  David Byers  <>
> 	Update menus:
> 	* utilities.el (lyskom-gensym): New function (it really seems that
> 	elisp doesn't have a built-in gensym function).
> 	* menus.el (lyskom-define-menu-gnu): Use gensym to generate
> 	separator symbols (so we can say just (hline) in the menu spec).
> 	(lyskom-menu-template): All-new menu definitions.
parent 17bc3c05
2003-12-17 David Byers <>
Update menus:
* utilities.el (lyskom-gensym): New function (it really seems that
elisp doesn't have a built-in gensym function).
* menus.el (lyskom-define-menu-gnu): Use gensym to generate
separator symbols (so we can say just (hline) in the menu spec).
(lyskom-menu-template): All-new menu definitions.
2003-12-16 Johan Sundström <>
* commands2.el (kom-change-language): Reverted my improper prefix
......@@ -660,7 +660,7 @@ Read all about it at")
(conf-has-motd . "\n%#1M has a notice on his/her mailbox:\n")
(conf-mship-priority . "Prioritet: %25#1n%#2?b%[ %#2s%]%[%]\n")
(status-conf-generic . "%-40#1s %#2s\n")
(status-aux-item . "Unknown auxiliary information: %11#1s%#3s (created by %#2M)\n")
(status-aux-item . "Unknown property: %11#1s%#3s (created by %#2M)\n")
(conf-mx-list-name . "Imported mailing list: %#1s %#2s\n")
(conf-mx-refuse-import . "Refuse import of: %#1s %#2s\n")
(recommended-conf-aux . "Recommended conference: %#1M <%#1m> %#2s\n")
......@@ -1392,7 +1392,7 @@ Text:
(conf-popup-title . "Conference %#1s")
(pers-popup-title . "User %#1s")
(url-popup-title . "URL %#1s")
(aux-popup-title . "Auxiliary information")
(aux-popup-title . "Property")
(timestamp-popup-title . "Timestamp %#1s")
(recpt-type-popup-title . "Recipient type: %#1s")
(add-recpt-button-text . "[Add...]")
......@@ -1562,7 +1562,7 @@ On since %#8s%#9s")
(world-readable-text-aux . "The text can be read without logging on")
(world-readable-text-edit-aux . "Make the text readable without logging on")
(cant-get-aux-item . "Can't find auxiliary information\n")
(cant-get-aux-item . "Can't find property\n")
(aux-item-no-info . "No information available\n")
(aux-item-info . "\
Number: %#1d %#6s
......@@ -1582,7 +1582,7 @@ Contents: \"%#9s\"
(no-more-inheritance . "Inherit limit reached; will not be further inherited")
(inherit-steps . "%#1d steps")
(aux-item-for . "Auxiliary information for ")
(aux-item-for . "Properties for ")
(aux-item-for-conference-no . "conference <%#1m> %#1M")
(aux-item-for-text-no . "text %#1n")
(aux-item-for-server . "the server")
......@@ -1841,7 +1841,7 @@ read from the server. You can remove the variables from the server by
giving the command \"Save options\".\n\n")
(unknown-aux-item . "Unknown auxiliary information")
(unknown-aux-item . "Unknown property")
(text-header-aux-item . "%#1s: <%#2d> \"%#3s\" %#4s")
(aux-content-type-name . "Content type")
......@@ -2240,7 +2240,7 @@ Change privileges for %#1P (%#1p)...")
(kom-set-presentation . "Add presentation")
(kom-remove-presentation . "Remove presentation")
(kom-set-motd-text . "Add notice")
(kom-create-aux-item . "Create auxiliary information")
(kom-create-aux-item . "Create propoerty")
(kom-status-server . "Status (of) server")
(kom-add-server-faq . "Add server FAQ")
(kom-del-server-faq . "Remove server FAQ")
......@@ -2430,12 +2430,24 @@ Change privileges for %#1P (%#1p)...")
(conference . "Conference")
(other . "Other")
(person . "User")
(server . "Server")
(marks . "Marks")
(filters . "Filters")
(move . "Go")
(info . "About")
(send . "Send message")
(review . "Review")
(unread . "Unread")
(receivers . "Receivers")
(commented . "Commented")
(aux-items . "Properties")
(conf-admin . "Conference admin")
(server-admin . "Server admin")
(membership . "Membership")
(pers-admin . "User admin")
(autoreply . "Auto-reply")
(remote-control . "Remote control")
(kom-edit-send . "Send")
(kom-edit-send-anonymous . "Send anonymously")
(kom-edit-quit . "Throw away")
......@@ -4006,7 +4018,7 @@ up menus.")
shown with a different format than normal text.")
(kom-edit-hide-add-button-doc . "\
When this is on, an [Add...] button will be shown after the list of
recipients and auxiliary information when writing a new text.")
recipients and properties when writing a new text.")
(kom-format-html-authors-doc . "\
This setting controls which authors' HTML messages that the client will
attempt to format.")
......@@ -4477,8 +4489,8 @@ up menus.")
(error-45 . "Temorary lossage. Please try again later")
(error-46 . "Sending huge messages to the server is not a nice thing to do")
(error-47 . "Anonymous texts are not accepted by all recipients")
(error-48 . "Invalid auxiliary information")
(error-49 . "Change of auxiliary information not permitted")
(error-48 . "Invalid property")
(error-49 . "Change of property not permitted")
(error-50 . "Unknown asynchronous message")
(error-51 . "Internal server error")
(error-52 . "Feature disabled in the server")
......@@ -50,109 +50,255 @@
((item kom-view-next-text)
(item kom-list-news)
(item kom-list-summary)
(hline review-separator)
(item kom-view)
(item kom-review-by-to)
;; (item kom-review-first)
(item kom-go-to-conf)
(menu review
((item kom-view)
(item kom-review-next)
(item kom-review-last-normally-read)
(item kom-review-more)
(item kom-review-backward)
(item kom-review-clear)
(hline review-comments-separator)
(item kom-review-noconversion)
(item kom-review-converted)
(item kom-review-mail-headers)
(item kom-find-root)
(item kom-view-commented-text)
;; (item kom-view-previous-commented-text)
(item kom-review-comments)
(item kom-review-tree)
(item kom-find-root)
(item kom-find-root-review)
(hline marks-separator)
;; Maybe kom-[un]mark-text shouldn't be in this menu, but the
;; other commands for marked messages are here.
(item kom-mark-text)
(item kom-review-by-to)
(item kom-review-first)
(item kom-review-all)
(item kom-review-more)
(item kom-make-review-mark-as-read)
(item kom-make-review-not-mark-as-read)
(item kom-review-stack)
(item kom-review-backward)
(item kom-review-clear)))
(menu unread
((item kom-mark-unread)
(item kom-unread-last-normally-read)
(item kom-unread-root)
(item kom-unread-commented-text)
(item kom-unread-comments)
(item kom-unread-tree)
(item kom-unread-root-review)
(item kom-unread-by-to)
(item kom-unread-first)
(item kom-unread-all)
(item kom-unread-more)
(item kom-unread-presentation)
(item kom-unread-faq)
(item kom-unread-server-faq)))
(menu marks
((item kom-mark-text)
(item kom-unmark-text)
(item kom-list-marks)
(item kom-review-marked-texts)
(item kom-review-all-marked-texts)
(hline save-separator)
(item kom-unread-marked-texts)
(item kom-unread-all-marked-texts)))
(menu filters
((item kom-filter-author)
(item kom-filter-subject)
(item kom-filter-text)
(item kom-filter-recipient)
(item kom-list-filters)
(item kom-filter-edit)))
(item kom-save-text)
(item kom-save-text-body)
(hline jump-separator)
(item kom-compare-texts)
(item kom-diff-texts)
(item kom-postpone)
(item kom-jump)
(item kom-super-jump)
(item kom-set-unread)))
(menu write
((item kom-write-text)
(item kom-send-letter)
(item kom-write-comment)
(item kom-private-answer)
(item kom-write-footnote)
;; Sort of logical to have commands for affecting
;; already written texts here
(hline change-separator)
(item kom-move-text)
(menu receivers
((item kom-will-person-read-text)
(item kom-add-recipient)
(item kom-add-copy)
(item kom-add-bcc)
(item kom-sub-recipient)
(item kom-add-cross-reference)
(item kom-add-comment)
(item kom-move-text)
(item kom-move-text-tree)))
(menu commented
((item kom-add-comment)
(item kom-sub-comment)
(hline send-separator)
(item kom-add-footnote)
(item kom-sub-footnote)))
(menu aux-items
((item kom-add-cross-reference)
(item kom-add-private-answer)
(item kom-add-no-comments)
(item kom-add-request-confirm)
(item kom-fast-reply)
(item kom-agree)))
(item kom-next-kom)
(item kom-next-unread-kom)
(item kom-previous-kom)
(item kom-set-session-priority)
(item kom-send-message)))
(menu conference
((item kom-go-to-conf)
(item kom-go-to-next-conf)
(hline info-separator)
(item kom-membership)
(item kom-review-presentation)
(item kom-status-conf)
(item kom-review-faq)
(item kom-list-faqs)
(item kom-list-conferences)
(item kom-list-re)
(item kom-list-created-conferences)
(item kom-status-conf)
(item kom-review-presentation)
(item kom-list-new-conferences)
(menu conf-admin
((item kom-change-presentation)
(item kom-set-presentation)
(item kom-remove-presentation)
(item kom-change-name)
(item kom-change-supervisor)
(item kom-set-garb-nice)
(item kom-set-super-conf)
(item kom-set-permitted-submitters)
(item kom-change-conf-type)
(item kom-limit-import)
(item kom-change-conf-motd)
(item kom-set-motd-text)
(item kom-unset-conf-motd)
(item kom-change-conf-faq)
(item kom-add-faq)
(item kom-del-faq)
(item kom-sub-member)
(item kom-create-conf)
(item kom-delete-conf)
;; (item kom-change-conf-motd)
;; (item kom-unset-conf-motd)
;; (item kom-set-super-conf)
;; (item kom-set-permitted-submitters)
(item kom-set-garb-nice)
(hline member-separator)
(item kom-list-created-conferences)))
(item kom-add-self)
(item kom-sub-self)
(item kom-add-member)
(item kom-sub-member)
(item kom-prioritize)))
(menu person
((item kom-who-is-on)
(item kom-who-is-on-in-conference)
(item kom-who-is-present-in-conference)
(item kom-who-is-on-and-friend)
(item kom-status-session)
(hline info-separator)
(item kom-list-persons)
(item kom-list-re)
(item kom-status-person)
(item kom-list-new-persons)
(item kom-review-presentation)
(hline change-separator)
(item kom-change-name)
(item kom-status-person)
(item kom-status-session)
(item kom-list-created-conferences)
(item kom-is-person-member-of-conference)
(item kom-will-person-read-text)
(menu membership
((item kom-add-self)
(item kom-sub-self)
(item kom-join-all-conferences)
(item kom-leave-all-conferences)
(item kom-change-priority)
(item kom-change-message-flag)
(item kom-prioritize)))
(menu pers-admin
((item kom-change-name)
(item kom-change-parenthesis)
(item kom-change-password)
(item kom-change-presentation)
;; (item kom-set-motd-text)
(item kom-change-conf-motd)
(item kom-unset-conf-motd)))
(item kom-redirect-comments)
(item kom-change-privileges)))
(item kom-who-am-i)))
(menu server
((item kom-status-server)
(item kom-review-server-faq)
(item kom-list-server-faqs)
(menu server-admin
((item kom-change-server-faq)
(item kom-add-server-faq)
(item kom-del-server-faq)
(item kom-set-motd)
(item kom-remove-motd)
(item kom-recommend-conference)
(item kom-enable-adm-caps)
(item kom-disable-adm-caps)
(item kom-shutdown-server)
(item kom-sync-database)))
(menu other
((item kom-help)
(item kom-customize)
(item kom-change-language)
(item kom-set-session-priority)
(item kom-where-is)
(item kom-display-time)
(item kom-calculate)
(item kom-change-language)
(item kom-customize)
(item kom-copy-options)
(item kom-save-options)
(item kom-show-user-area)
(menu remote-control
((item kom-remote-autoreply)
(item kom-remote-set-message)
(item kom-remote-list-messages)
(item kom-remote-erase-messages)
(item kom-remote-quit)))
(menu autoreply
((item kom-toggle-auto-reply)
(item kom-change-auto-reply)
(item kom-list-messages)
(item kom-erase-messages)))
(item kom-keep-alive)
(item kom-stop-keep-alive)
(item kom-recover)
(item kom-start-anew)
;; (item kom-get-appreciation)
;; (item kom-get-abuse)
(item kom-force-logout)
(item kom-quit))))
"The menus used in LysKOM.")
(defvar lyskom-popup-menu-template
......@@ -257,7 +403,7 @@
(let ((type (car (car menus)))
(symbol (car (cdr (car menus)))))
(cond ((eq 'hline type)
(define-key map (vector symbol) '("--")))
(define-key map (vector (lyskom-gensym)) '("--")))
((eq 'menu type)
(let* ((name (lyskom-get-menu-string symbol))
(submap (make-sparse-keymap name)))
......@@ -2458,13 +2458,24 @@ Nuvarande r
(write . "Skriv")
(conference . "Mte")
(person . "Person")
(server . "Server")
(other . "Annat")
(marks . "Markeringar")
(move . "G")
(info . "Om")
(send . "Snd")
(unread . "Markera olst")
(review . "terse inlgg")
(marks . "Markerade inlgg")
(filters . "Filter")
(receivers . "Mottagare")
(commented . "Kommenterar")
(aux-items . "Tillggsinformation")
(conf-admin . "Mtesadministration")
(server-admin . "Serveradministration")
(membership . "Medlemskap")
(pers-admin . "Personadministration")
(autoreply . "Automatsvar")
(remote-control . "Fjrrstyrning")
(kom-edit-send . "Skicka in")
(kom-edit-send-anonymous . "Skicka anonymt")
(kom-edit-quit . "Kasta bort")
......@@ -2201,5 +2201,16 @@ It ignores leading spaces and tabs."
(defvar lyskom-gensym-index 0
"Index to use in lyskom-gensym")
(defun lyskom-gensym ()
"Generate a unique symbol"
(let ((name "t"))
(while (intern-soft name)
(setq lyskom-gensym-index (1+ lyskom-gensym-index))
(setq name (format "lyskom-gensym: %d" lyskom-gensym-index)))
(intern name)))
(put 'lyskom-with-magic-minibuffer 'edebug-form-spec '(body))
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