Commit ad15417f authored by David Kågedal's avatar David Kågedal
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No commit message

No commit message
parent 46992abc
Sun Oct 27 02:21:42 1996 David Kgedal <>
* option-edit.el (lyskom-widget-command-action): Gr inte car-safe
p svaret frn lyskom-read-extended-command.
(lyskom-widget-command-value-create): Anvnd lyskom-get-string fr
att hitta namn p kommandon.
Sat Oct 26 19:48:36 1996 David Kgedal <>
* edit-text.el (lyskom-edit-mode): Byt ut overlay-map mot ngot
(lyskom-count-down-edits): signal anropades p fel.
Thu Oct 24 10:38:06 1996 David Byers <>
* english-strings.el,swedish-strings.el (lyskom-message): ndra
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