Commit b90ca12d authored by Linus Tolke's avatar Linus Tolke
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initiate-get-part-of-membership new functions.

parent f485176f
Mon Jul 27 01:14:24 1992 Linus Tolke Y (linus@lysator)
* services.el (initiate-get-part-of-membership): New functions
that makes it possible not to retrieve the whole membership
* flags.el (lyskom-options-done): New variable to tell if we have
already read the user-area.
......@@ -489,6 +489,17 @@ Args: KOM-QUEUE HANDLER PERS-NO &rest DATA."
1))) ;want read texts.
(defun initiate-get-part-of-membership (kom-queue handler pers-no first length
&rest data)
"Get membership-list for PERS-NO from server.
(lyskom-call kom-queue lyskom-ref-no handler data
(lyskom-send-packet kom-queue (lyskom-format-objects 46 pers-no
first length ;all confs.
(defun initiate-get-created-texts (kom-queue handler pers-no first-local
no-of-texts &rest data)
"Get a part of the list of created texts for a person.
......@@ -374,6 +374,14 @@ conf-stats from server.")
"*Number of text-nos lyskom will fetch when fetching maps.
+++ This is not yet used everywhere.")
(defvar lyskom-fetch-membership-length 6
"*Number of entries in the membership-list that is fetched at a time.
This should be optimized depending on how often you read lyskom and
the activity in the first groups in you membership list.
Best performance is achieved if you, when logging in, always have an unread
article in one of the first lyskom-fetch-membership-length conferences.")
(defvar lyskom-last-conf-fetched -1
"Last conf asked about. Number on the list lyskom-membership.")
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