Commit b9e186a0 authored by Linus Tolke Y's avatar Linus Tolke Y
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Bugfix kom-bury skall fungera även om vi har

lyskom-debug-communications-to-buffer sannt.
parent 06d88b52
......@@ -489,7 +489,7 @@ Args: MEMBERSHIP-LIST CONF-STAT."
(condition-case error
(lyskom-read-conf-no (lyskom-get-string 'who-to-send-message-to)
'pers t))
'all t))
(quit (lyskom-end-of-command)
(signal 'quit "Quitting in kom-send-message"))))
......@@ -1412,7 +1412,7 @@ current conference to another session."
(let ((session-name (buffer-name (current-buffer)))
(buffer (current-buffer)))
(if lyskom-debug-communications-to-buffer
(bury-buffer lyskom-debug-communications-to-buffer))
(bury-buffer lyskom-debug-communications-to-buffer-buffer))
(if lyskom-who-info-buffer
(bury-buffer lyskom-who-info-buffer))
......@@ -1441,3 +1441,27 @@ current conference to another session."
(switch-to-buffer (car buffers))))))
;;; =======================================================
;;; Listing people using regexps.
(defun kom-list-re (regexp)
"List all persons and conferences whose name matches REGEXP."
(interactive "sSearch regexp: ")
(lyskom-start-of-command 'kom-list-re)
(lyskom-format-insert 'matching-regexp regexp)
(initiate-re-z-lookup 'main 'lyskom-list-re regexp 1 1))
(defun lyskom-list-re (conf-list)
(function (lambda (czi)
(format "%4d %c %s\n"
(conf-z-info->conf-no czi)
(if (conf-type->letterbox
(conf-z-info->conf-type czi))
?P ?M)
(conf-z-info->name czi))))))
(conf-z-info-list->conf-z-infos conf-list))
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