Commit c1beb4a2 authored by David Byers's avatar David Byers
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Fix initiate-create-anonymous-text

parent 27efe939
......@@ -858,11 +858,13 @@ MESSAGE is a string. MISC-LIST should be created by lyskom-create-misc-list."
(if (lyskom-have-call 87)
(lyskom-send-packet kom-queue
(lyskom-format-objects 87
(cons 'STRING message)
(cons 'LIST aux-items)))
(lyskom-send-packet kom-queue
(lyskom-format-objects 59 message misc-list)))))
(lyskom-format-objects 59
(cons 'STRING message)
(defun initiate-find-next-text-no (kom-queue handler text-no &rest data)
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