Commit c9a8199c authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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Fixade lyskom-jump.

parent db78a345
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......@@ -1634,23 +1634,23 @@ If optional arg TEXT-NO is present then jump all comments to that text instead."
(defun lyskom-jump (text-stat mark-as-read)
"Mark this text TEXT-STAT as read then find the comments to the text and if
MARK-AS-READ is non-nil then mark them as read.
Then repeat recursively on all comments."
"Jump past TEXT-STAT and all comments to it.
Remove TEXT-STAT from all internal tables in the client.
If MARK-AS-READ is non-nil, also mark TEXT-STAT and all comments (and
footnotes) to it as read in the server."
(text-stat ;+++ annan errorhantering.
;; Should check that we are a member of at least one of
;; the recipients, and stop otherwise.
(if mark-as-read
(lyskom-mark-as-read text-stat)
(lyskom-is-read (text-stat->text-no text-stat))))
(lyskom-mark-as-read text-stat))
(lyskom-is-read (text-stat->text-no text-stat))))
(lyskom-traverse misc (text-stat->misc-info-list text-stat)
((or (eq (misc-info->type misc) 'COMM-IN)
(eq (misc-info->type misc) 'FOOTN-IN))
(initiate-get-text-stat 'main
(if (or mark-as-read
(if (eq (misc-info->type misc)
(misc-info->comm-in misc)
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