Commit d465d706 authored by Linus Tolke's avatar Linus Tolke
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bugg fixes, changed default

parent ad4e292a
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......@@ -1341,7 +1341,8 @@ If you are not member in the conference it will be flagged with an asterisk."
(lyskom-insert (conf-stat->name conf-stat))
(lyskom-tell-internat 'kom-tell-change-name)
(setq name (read-from-minibuffer (lyskom-get-string 'new-name)))
(setq name (read-from-minibuffer (lyskom-get-string 'new-name)
(conf-stat->name conf-stat)))
(initiate-change-name 'main 'lyskom-change-name-2
(conf-stat->conf-no conf-stat)
name name))
......@@ -700,7 +700,10 @@ the with-output-to-temp-buffer command is issued to make them both apear."
(set-buffer editing-buffer)
(with-output-to-temp-buffer "*Commented*"
(princ (text->text-mass text))))))
(if kom-emacs-knows-iso-8859-1
(text->text-mass text)
(iso-8859-1-to-swascii (text->text-mass text))))))))
(defun lyskom-edit-insert-commented (text editing-buffer)
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