Commit d4bfff97 authored by David Byers's avatar David Byers
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Check for broken read-kbd-macro when loading or compiling the elisp client

parent 37e1f80b
2002-04-24 David Byers <>
* header.el: Added a check for obsolete read-kbd-macro (found in
macedit.el which is installed with the calc package in XEmacs).
* compatibility.el (make-temp-file): Maybe compatibility with
XEmacs. At least the warnings are gone...
......@@ -61,3 +61,10 @@
((and (eq (eval-when-compile emacs-major-version) 19)
(> emacs-major-version 19))
(error "A LysKOM client compiled for Emacs 19 will not run in newer versions of Emacs.")))
;;; Check some basic misfeatures that are still all too common
(if (and (stringp (read-kbd-macro "<SPC>"))
(string-equal (read-kbd-macro "<SPC>") "<SPC>"))
(error "You probably have a file named macedit.elc in Emacs' load path.\nIt is obsolete and must be removed in order for LysKOM to work.")))
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