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The relative performance change is huge, but if it only takes a
millisecond to begin with...
** New data structures for the membership list have resulted in huge
(relative) performance increases across the board. The performance
increases are particularly noticeable for people who are members of
very many conferences.
* New system for handling fonts and faces
......@@ -105,6 +110,9 @@
** The binding for kom-review-backward is now under the prefix for
review commands.
** Unmodified < and > go to the beginning and end of the buffer,
* New commands
......@@ -328,6 +336,11 @@
Swedish name: Återse konverterat [å v]
English name: Review converted [r v]
** kom-review-rot13: Displays the text using rot13.
Swedish name: Återse rot13 [å 3]
English-name: Review rot13 [r 3]
** kom-change-message-flag: Control reception of group messages
(requires a server that supports this feature).
......@@ -356,6 +369,13 @@
English name: Change privileges
** kom-list-sessions: List current LysKOM sessions and unread messages
for each session.
Swedish name: Lista sessioner [l k]
English name: List sessions [l k]
* Changed commands
......@@ -417,6 +437,44 @@
** kom-fontify-text: controls if bold/italic fontification of texts
takes place.
** kom-format-show-images: controls in-line display of images. When
set to `t', images are displayed in-line (if possible). When set to
`nil', they are treated as normal texts.
** kom-remember-password: controls whether to remember password in
session buffer. When this is enabled, the client will store the
password used to log on in the session buffer. This may be useful
with automatic re-logins enabled (see kom-relogin-behavior, below).
** kom-relogin-behavior: controls how to behave when commands are
issued in dead sessions. Using this variable, it is possible to
have the client automatically reconnect to the server when a
command is issued in a dead session.
** kom-relogin-inhibit-commands: a list of commands that don't cause
the client to log in automatically in dead sessions (if that
function is enabled at all).
** kom-show-imported-message-id: controls whether to display the
message ID of imported e-mails by default or not.
** kom-default-server: indicates the default server to connect to.
** kom-default-user-name: indicates the default user to log in as.
** kom-default-password: indicates the password to use when logging
** kom-session-nickname: a nickname for the current session. The
session nickname is used in every place where the session name is
** kom-unread-mode-line-type: determines the format of the mode line.
The mode line can now list all sessions with unreads instead of
just a collective unread indicator.
** kom-membership-default-message-flag: default setting for reception
of group messages to new memberships.
......@@ -444,12 +502,22 @@
* Other new major features
** The old modes for listing and prioritizing memberships have been
replaced with a completely new mode. It is accessible from the same
commands as before, and integrates all the functionality of the old
modes and much more.
The new mode has menus and mode documentation in addition to a
quick reference at the end of the buffer.
Certain functions, such as the ability to show only a subset of the
conferences, in the new mode are still experimental.
* Other new major features
Note that the names of all functions and variables related to this
new mode will change in the future. Do not rely on any Lisp names
starting with `lp--'.
** The initial values shown when reading conference names have been
altered. Now (nearly) all commands provide an initial value. The
......@@ -467,17 +535,37 @@
The initial value is deleted automatically if you start typing a
new name, and can be edited by moving the cursor before typing.
** Om versions of Emacs that support it, the client can display
images. This behavior is controled with kom-format-show-images.
** The client can re-connect to the server when a command is issued in
a dead session. See the variables kom-relogin-behavior,
kom-relogin-inhibit-commands and kom-remember-password for more
** On servers that support it, the client uses UTC timestamps, and
will display dates and times in the local time zone, rather than
the server time zone.
the server time zone. Some versions of Emacs (e.g. XEmacs 21.4
under Windows) have bugs that prevent this feature from working. In
these cases, the client will revert to its old behavior.
** kom-move-text can move attachments and footnotes with the main
text. It asks for confirmation before doing so.
** kom-move-text-tree can now be used to add a recipient to a tree.
Just give an empty answer when being asked for a conference to move
** kom-move-text-tree can leave the original recipient as a CC
recipient when moving.
** kom-sub-recipient can remove recipients from attachments and
footnotes as it removed recipients from the main text. It asks for
confirmation before doing so.
** Using M-c as a prefix to any review command toggles whether it will
use the cace or not.
** Reception of group messages can be controlled separately of the
passive/active status of a membership. This requires a server that
supports this feature (e.g. lyskomd 2.1.0 or later).
......@@ -547,12 +635,32 @@
** The menus have been completely revamped. The goal is now to include
(almost) all commands in the menus.
** HTML can now be rendered with w3m.
* Additional changes and bug fixes
** The default session priority is now zero. The old value of one was
appropriate during a transitional period, but isn't appropriate for
new users.
** Bold and italic markup in texts.
** When HTML is not being rendered, generate links for URLs and things
as if the text were plaintext.
** The mode line showing the unread indicator can now list all
sessions with unread texts explicitly. See
kom-unread-mode-line-type for details.
** Sessions can have nicknames, which makes it easier to distinguish
between sessions (particularly sessions on the same server). The
session nickname is shown wherever the session name normally would
be shown. See kom-session-nickname for more details.
** Added MysKOM to the predefined servers list.
** When using non-English, a text is shown in English to help users
switch to a different language.
......@@ -560,6 +668,9 @@
plain text. This improves performance when displaying virus-laden
attachments to imported e-mail messages.
** The client can display message IDs of imported e-mail messages by
default. This is controlled by kom-show-imported-message-id.
** The likelihood of unintentionally sending alarm messages has been
reduced further by prompting for recipients in kom-send-alarm and
displaying a warning (prominently).
......@@ -594,7 +705,7 @@
** kom-is-person-member-of-conference now shows the number of unread
texts the person has.
texts the person has and the priority of the membership.
** Improved diagnostic messages.
......@@ -697,6 +808,11 @@
** The client recognizes RTSP URLs.
** Avoid counting unread texts twice when joining new conferences.
** Footnotes are not displayed automatically when doing
kom-review-noconversion (Återse omodifierat).
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