Commit d63bedff authored by David Byers's avatar David Byers
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Fix bug 522

parent f206cb19
2002-09-18 David Byers <>
Fix bug 522:
* startup.el (lyskom): Print motd of lyskom sort of like a normal
text. Don't print the header because it distracts attention. Do
print the footer using whatever settings are currently loaded
(usually the defaults).
Fix bug 757:
* compatibility.el (make-temp-file): Removed last argument from
write-region since the parameter lists in Gnu Emacs and XEmacs
......@@ -285,7 +285,7 @@ clients of the event. See lyskom-mode for details on lyskom."
(setq lyskom-collate-table (blocking-do 'get-collate-table))
(setq lyskom-char-classes nil)
(if (not (zerop (server-info->motd-of-lyskom
(if (not (zerop (server-info->motd-of-lyskom
(blocking-do-multiple ((text (get-text
......@@ -293,12 +293,43 @@ clients of the event. See lyskom-mode for details on lyskom."
(text-stat (get-text-stat
(lyskom-format-insert "%#1t\n"
(if (and text text-stat)
(text->decoded-text-mass text text-stat)
(lyskom-get-string 'lyskom-motd-was-garbed))
(when kom-highlight-text-body
'(face kom-text-body-face)))))
(let* ((conf-stat (and text-stat (blocking-do 'get-conf-stat (text-stat->author text-stat))))
(str (and text text-stat (text->decoded-text-mass text text-stat))))
(if (null text-stat)
(lyskom-get-string 'lyskom-motd-was-garbed)
(lyskom-insert (lyskom-get-string 'server-has-motd))
(when (string-match "\n" str)
(setq str (substring str (match-end 0))))
(if kom-dashed-lines
(make-string kom-text-header-dash-length ?-)
(when kom-highlight-dashed-lines
'(face kom-dashed-lines-face)))
(lyskom-format-insert "%#2$%#1t\n"
(when kom-highlight-text-body
'(face kom-text-body-face))
(when kom-highlight-text-body
'(face kom-text-body-face)))
(cond ((eq (text-stat->author text-stat) 0)
(lyskom-get-string 'person-is-anonymous))
(conf-stat (conf-stat->name conf-stat))
(t (lyskom-format 'person-does-not-exist
(text-stat->author text-stat))))
(when kom-highlight-dashed-lines
'(face kom-dashed-lines-face)))
;; Can't use lyskom-end-of-command here.
(setq lyskom-executing-command nil)
......@@ -158,6 +158,7 @@ kan skapa en ny:\n")
(wrong-password-email . "* %#1t\n")
(are-logged-in . "Du r nu inloggad. Vnta ett tag.\n")
(you-have-motd . "\nDu har en lapp p drren:\n\n")
(server-has-motd . "Servern har ett loginmeddelande:\n")
(lyskom-motd-was-garbed . "\nLoginmeddelandet finns inte!
Det meddelande som ska visas efter inloggning har frsvunnit.
Kontakta LysKOM-administratren.\n")
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