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Version: 1 -*- bugtrack -*-
Unused-Bug-Id: 10
Unused-Bug-Id: 11
Note: This is the header of a bugtrack file.
Note: If you see this, it means that there are
Note: no *known* bugs to track.
......@@ -157,3 +157,27 @@ End mails.
I have already done some of the functions i.e. the ones that I have
ended up with errors in. All of the handlers must be fixed.
Id: 10
Summary: Feature missing in the documentation.
Created: linus: Thu Aug 6 04:44:19 1992
Currently handled by:
Severity: 2
Priority: 5
Difficulty: 0
Last edit: linus: Thu Aug 6 04:47:13 1992
Reported by: bellman
Associated mails:
End mails.
230929 1992-08-05 22:50 /2 rader/ Bellman -- The Recursive Hacker
Kommentar till text 230923 av Yf=f(Yf)
Mottagare: LysKOM fr}gor (och) svar <373>
[rende: Skum default.
Ett visst experimenterande ger vid handen att du f}r det m|te du
senast adderade.
(230929) -----------------------------------
Kommentar i text 230930 av ceder (Per Cederqvist Lysator)
G} till n{sta m|te -
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