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kom-who-is-on-and-friend visar lyskom-pers-no också. Jag vill se mig själv.

parent 80d7161f
2002-04-11 David Byers <>
Beter kom-who-is-on-and-friend:
* commands1.el (lyskom-select-friends-from-who-list): Show
lyskom-pers-no when filtering friends. Perhaps this should be a
configurable option. Someone else can deal with that :-)
* (lyskom-commands): Added kom-create-aux-item.
* swedish-strings.el (lyskom-command): Added kom-cereate-aux-item.
......@@ -3202,10 +3202,11 @@ Uses Protocol A version 9 calls"
(defun lyskom-select-friends-from-who-list (who-list)
"Returns a list of friends in WHO-LIST"
(let ((result nil))
(let ((result nil)
(extended-friends (cons lyskom-pers-no kom-friends)))
(while (not (null who-list))
(when (memq (dynamic-session-info->person (car who-list))
(setq result (cons (car who-list) result)))
(setq who-list (cdr who-list)))
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