Commit e687c55a authored by Christer Ekholm's avatar Christer Ekholm
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Remove (dont-compile), to silence warnings in emacs-24.4

dont-compile is marked as obsolete in emacs-24.4, and gives a lot of
warnings "Warning: `dont-compile' is an obsolete macro (as of 24.4)."
parent afa49c26
2014-08-16 Christer Ekholm <>
* defvar.el (def-kom-var): Remove (dont-compile), to silence
warnings in emacs-24.4
2014-08-14 Joel Rosdahl <>
* help-compile.el (lyskom-help-compile-to-el): Set
......@@ -34,8 +34,9 @@
(provide 'lyskom)
;; Just to get rid of a compiler warning
;; Just to get rid of compiler warnings
(defvar kom-dont-read-saved-variables)
(defvar lyskom-is-loaded)
(defvar lyskom-local-variables nil
"List of variables to make local in a LysKOM buffer")
......@@ -275,11 +276,10 @@ This variable is normally stored on a per-session basis in the
LysKOM server, but can be set in your .emacs simply by setting
it using setq or defvar.")))
`(progn (dont-compile (if (and (boundp ',name)
(or (not (boundp lyskom-is-loaded))
(not lyskom-is-loaded))
(listp kom-dont-read-saved-variables))
(add-to-list 'kom-dont-read-saved-variables ',name)))
`(progn (if (and (boundp ',name)
(not lyskom-is-loaded)
(listp kom-dont-read-saved-variables))
(add-to-list 'kom-dont-read-saved-variables ',name))
(defvar ,name ,value ,doc-string)
,@(apply 'append
(list inherited
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